YOU Tell Me: What Are Your Healthy Eating Tips?

A few months ago, I published my guide to eating healthy. Now I want to hear from you. What are some of your healthy eating tips?

I also wanted to point out: a lot of times, when we talk about dieting, it becomes a debate over whether we like the way we look. I love the way I look (sorry for the narcissism), but I know that this is not the healthiest I’ve ever been. At my healthiest I felt full of energy and would never ever consider taking the elevator over the stairs to go up to the second floor. So I am trying to eat better to feel good again. What are your tips for eating healthy?


64 thoughts on “YOU Tell Me: What Are Your Healthy Eating Tips?

  1. Preparation is the key to success with eating healthy! I prepare meals for my husband and me on Sunday afternoons that consist of lean protein, veggies and good carbs. Everything is planned out, and there’s enough for the week, so there are no excuses! I also drink a gallon of water each day, which helps me feel full….sometimes I infuse with fresh fruits, cucumber or mint for a little variation! 🙂 Finally, I allow myself a cheat meal here and there — it’s so much easier to plan for an indulgence than to binge when feeling deprived!

    • That’s all really great advice. I want to start preparing my meals for the week on Sunday afternoon, but I never seem to be motivated to do it when Sunday finally rolls around. Does it take you a long time to prepare them?

      • Thank you, V! It does take a few hours (3-4 if you’re cooking different meals, which I do because the same thing gets boring 5 days straight)…You have to prep whatever you’re making, cook it, let cool, and then pack away in tupperware. Food prep is in no way my favorite Sunday afternoon/evening activity, but when I think of the money saved and work nights I won’t have to come home and cook, it’s well worth it! When I know I have a busy Sunday, or am feeling particularly unmotivated, I’ll use the crock pot to cook a lot of one meat and then ‘stage it’ with a few different sides/accompaniments. 🙂

      • You know, every time I hear about crock pots, I think I should invest in one. If I get around to cooking dinners for the week this Sunday, I’ll let you know how it goes 😀

  2. My no 1 tip is to make everything look cute. You will want the orange slices rather than the chips if they are laid beautifully on a plate 😀 I slice up even my apples to make them more appealing. And another tip would be to find a good dip,healthy dip for your fruits. That always helps me! Have a beautiful week dear! 😘😘

  3. For me one of the easiest changes I’ve made recently is look at what I was drinking. So I reduced non-water drinks like fruit juice, soda, dairy milk, alcohol, coffee and replaced them with smoothies, matcha green tea, water and soy milk.

    • That’s really good advice. A few years ago, I decided I was only going to have 1 non-water drink a day and only have soda once a week. I lost over 5 lbs without trying

    • This is totally true for me too! I recently discovered that a bottle of wine is equivalent to eating 8 sugar doughnuts! I haven’t touched wine since. I found the best thing for me was to switch regular coffee to decaf coffee, regular tea to decaf tea. I always try to drink these black or with soy milk. I’ve cut out any fizzy drinks and replaced them with iced water. Green tea has also been great for me and I often add fresh slices of lemon. I haven’t just noticed the difference to my weight, but I also feel more awake and energetic and my skin is definitely a lot clearer!

      • I hear ya! I heard “diet” alcohol being advertised on the radio for get this–100 calories a serving! There is nothing diet about that to me. It makes me shudder to think how many calories are in normal alcohol

      • Wow thank goodness I’m not a wine drinker! It’s incredible how these little changes can change your skin. I haven’t had anything dairy in 2 months and my skin is in the best condition it’s ever been in 🙂

      • Dairy is definitely my biggest struggle to cut out of my diet. Cheese is my downfall! Although I’ve started to make some minor but good changes. Cheese which contains goats milk instead tends to contain less fat!

    • Agreed! 1 gallon of water per day has made a huge difference for me – it helps with fullness/avoiding snacking throughout the day, and is great for your skin/nails, and flushing impurities! Any less and I feel dehydrated!!

  4. I could never follow a diet that had restrictions on the foods that I can eat. Paleo? Low carb? Nope, nope, nope! For me, I look and feel best when I make getting at least 4 full servings of vegetables a day (ice berg lettuce doesn’t count as a vegetable) my top priority (diet-wise). When I do that I find that keeping my weight down is pretty easy. I also use MyFitnessPal dot com to log my calories when I feel like I need to shed a few. That way I can have my cake (in moderation) and eat it, too! 😀

  5. When I try to start eating healthy, I know I get discouraged and give up more easily if I’m only thinking about cutting certain “bad” foods and focusing on losing weight as my only motivation. So instead, I try to only focus on adding foods–more green vegetables at lunch and dinner, more fruit for breakfast and snacks, more lean proteins at meals. I try to make my biggest goal just consuming more nutrients and things that are good for me, and let the “bad stuff” fall away after I get into that habit.

  6. Make sure to focus on what your body NEEDS. Cutting out all carbs or fat from your diet is very unhealthy. Figuring out how much carbs/ fat/ protein you need for your body type is a much better way!

    Also speak to your doctor to make sure you dont have nutrient deficiency. I have to eat foods really high in iron because my body doesn’t make enough on its own.

    • That’s very interesting. Maybe I’m low in iron too and that’s why I crave dark chocolate so often 😉 In all seriousness, great advice. I saw someone online advocating that eating 30 bananas a day was healthiest and I’m thinking that there’s no way that would provide me with everything I need

      • Eating 30 bananas a day can be dangerous! Potassium overdose can cause an irregular heartbeat and can be deadly!

      • Really? I was just alarmed, because eating that many bananas does not leave much room for eating anything else, so you’d probably be lacking a lot of essential nutrients.

      • My dad is diabetic and when he started to change his eating habits he was consuming way too much potassium and it caused some health problems. That’s the only reason I know about it. Your point is true too. That wouldn’t be enough essential nutrients at all.

  7. I agree that dieting is usually unhealthy. For me, I try to do things in moderation. If I want chocolate, I’ll have a little bit. I don’t ever deny myself something. But one thing I did cut out completely was soda. I never drank it much to begin with, but that’s one thing I just don’t drink at all. I usually drink just water or tea.

  8. Hey V!! You are beautiful! I’ve started drinking lots and lots of herbal teas! I stay away from any sugary drinks, too!! I love chocolate, but I make sure to eat dark chocolate and to eat it in moderation. I really think moderation is key. It’s important to live life and enjoy what you eat, too! 🙂 I’ve also be drinking a smoothie during the day and packing it with spinach, even tofu, and fresh fruit. etc. I’m also a big believer in eating seeds (chia seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds, etc.)!! Have a fabulous Monday!! You are amazing! XOXO

  9. freshly pressed green juice a day helps! i’m just too big of a fries-girl to give up eating junk food. and this routine’s been making me feel less guilty about it 🙂

  10. I like to eat a varied diet. I mostly eat vegetarian food…I love Quorn…but when I do have meat it is good quality meat from a local farmer. I plan my week in advance and do my food shop from that plan. I plan nutritious easy to prepare meals during the week…my favourite at the moment is cous cous with roasted vegetables and feta cheese and it’s super quick to prepare. I love vegetables and like lots of colour on my plate so eat a wide variety…I also try to eat seasonally as it tastes nicer. I keep in a few planned sweet treats in the cupboard so that I have something there for those days when a bit of fruit doesn’t quite cut it. 🙂

      • I like mushroom tortellini with a sauce made from garlic, tomatoes, mushrooms, passata and low fat creme fraiche…flavoured with stock, smoked paprika and chilli to taste. Takes no time at all to prepare and is really tasty. 🙂

  11. Juice, juice, juice,,, lol &…its just a (CHANGE) of the way u think / go about-it…its much more easy to ( N O T ) think of it as some-sort of a (diet)- lol 🙂 &…..plenty of filtered water buy a britter squeeze bottle buy a jay the juice man juicer I jus so happened to buy 1 from a garage sale for 7- dollars $ & it still worxs fine & I have my back-up 1,,, do walking / jogging too &….jus be aware of what u eat… &….perhaps ? start some-sort of yoga,,, do something to keep your body….moving !!!!! 🙂 Stay well,,, *PEACE !!!

    • Interesting. Do you make protein shakes with protein powder or do you try to use ingredients that already have protein in them, like peanut butter?

      • A bit of both, protein powder is convenient and a great value per serving. Sometimes it’s hard to get 20g of protein from blendable foods that taste good in a smoothie. I order a variety from grass-fed cows so it’s supposed to be better for you 🙂

  12. My body recently decided to flip me the dirty bird finger. I felt sick, sluggish, bloated and just all around yucky. I knew it wasn’t that I was coming down with something, but that my body was telling me I was being an @$$hole to it. Yes, its true. I had gotten into an eating rut of eating quick and easy for lunch, rarely eating breakfast and sugar is my number 1 weakness. A week ago last Sunday I conceded and have been on a healthy eating journey since. Little to no processed sugar, zero soda, and adding high protein, fiber and good fats. The first week was beyond brutal. The migraines alone were enough to make me give up. But I haven’t! I use the MyFitnessPal app as well and it is great! I can keep track of my calories, fat intake, protein etc. Plus since its on my phone and my phone is always on me it tracks my steps and gives me back calories. I’m down 2.6 lbs so far. I know that is mostly water weight from all the soda, so now its time to hit the gym!

      • Same. A couple years ago, I had the luxury of working about 10 minutes from home and I had an hour break so I could go home and make myself something. After I switched jobs, it was a huge adjustment actually preparing food in the morning and bringing it with me.

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