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Cocoa Brown Tanning Mousse Review

Happy April Fools–is the weather playing a joke on us in the Northeast? As the weather (eventually) gets warmer, some of us might be thinking of getting our tan on. With the high risk of cancer, sometimes it’s better to just fake it. So today I will be reviewing Cocoa Brown Tanning products, which will soon be launching in the US.

Cocoa Tan

How To Use: According to the Cocoa Brown bottle, the length you leave the mousse on will affect how dark you get. Leave it on for a minimum of 1 hour for a light glow or up to 3 hours for a deeper tan. After waiting that time, you simply rinse the product off.

My Experience Getting a Light Glow: Being the naturally pale creature that I am, I didn’t want to overdo it on the first go. If you’re not happy with how dark it is, you can always reapply it. If it’s too dark, you’re out of luck. Plus, I thought of this Jenna Marbles video. Hence, I decided to only leave it on for an hour for a light tan. One thing I really like about this mousse is how fast it dries. I mean, I would not dress in my best whites after applying, but I felt comfortable enough to sit on my bed and managed not to stain the sheets.

2nd Love


After: please excuse my no makeup face. I know I look about 12 without mascara

After: no makeup so you can see how well this worked


Results: So of course the sun wasn’t cooperating enough for me to get a decent before picture, so I’ll use this picture from the winter to compare. (Pretty sure I’ve only gotten paler since then anyway). As you can see, Cocoa Brown gave me a nice, light natural glow. This is the kind of tan you get when you’re out for the first nice day of spring. I’m just super happy it’s not orange!

Cruelty Free: Yes

Bottom Line: I would recommend this product. I will definitely be using it again when I feel I could use a little sun. Who knows. Maybe I’ll leave it on the full 3 hours to see how dark I can get.

So what do you think? Will you try this out? What are your fake tanning secrets? Let me know in the comments below.

*Press sample


29 thoughts on “Cocoa Brown Tanning Mousse Review

  1. So how would you compare it to St. Tropez, which I consider the holy grail of tanning products? Especially as a super pale person (like myself), which one looks more realistic?

    • I’ve never tried St. Tropez actually but I really like this one. The color looks exactly as if I had spent the day by the pool; completely natural.

    • Haha, I know what you mean. I actually went back and sniffed it after you asked this. It’s scented with gardenia, but it doesn’t smell very strong.

  2. Hey V, great review huni, this actually looks really impressive – I’m always a tad hesitant with false tans but this is pretty good stuff judging by the pics!! Glad you like it 🙂 Karen xo

  3. This is very interesting V! My skin is super pale during the winter but now that spring (and soon summer) is here I need to kick my pasty skin to the curb. Thanks for suggesting this! 🙂

    • Lol, I’m back and forth with that one. Sometimes I really love my pale skin and sometimes I just want a bit of summer glow

      • I get that every single summer as well… I call it “tanned-girls-envy”! LOL
        And that’s also the moment when my bronzers come soooo handy! 😁😁😁
        Lots of xx

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  5. Where did you get this? I’m always looking for a decent self tanner that won’t turn me orange or streak. I’m super pale too and don’t tan naturally so it’s always a problem haha.

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