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Pretty Little Liars Hanna Inspired Makeup

Good morning! In case you couldn’t tell, I’m really loving the makeup on Pretty Little Liars. Too often, TV shows give all their characters the same natural makeup look as if all the women in a given high school/workplace/love triangle would decide to do their makeup exactly the same. I like how the makeup artists on PLL give the girls similar, but distinct looks. Emily, for example, has a completely natural no makeup look, while Alison, which I recreated last week, actually looks like she’s wearing a little makeup, but still keeps it subtle and effortless. Hanna Marin, which I will be recreating today, rocks a full on makeup look, especially in the earlier seasons. In terms of her character, it makes a lot of sense that formerly “Hefty Hanna” who rose to Queen B status practically overnight would look like she spends a bit more time on her appearanceΒ than the other girls. That’s enough blabbering! If you want to see how I recreated her look, keep reading.

Screen shot 2015-04-12 at 3.52.07 PM

Inspiration photo from episode 2×24: If These Dolls Could Talk

Hanna Marin Makeup Hanna Pretty Little Liars Makeup


  • As you can see from the inspiration photo, Hanna’s skin is completely matte. To get this matte look, set your foundation with powder or try a powder foundation on its own.
  • Hanna really has a doll like look here. Her cheeks has a slight pink flush. I used a bright pink blush from Too Faced called Sweet Pink


  • Hanna also went with a completely matte eye look as well. For eyeshadow, use a flesh tone all over your lid and a slightly darker pinkish brown in your crease for a little definition. Don’t overdo it because the liner will be the focus on this look.
  • Her liner is super thick, thicker than I would normally do mine, and doesn’t have much of a wing. To make sure you get your shape right, draw it on first with a light eyeshadow or pencil liner. Then, when you’re ready, trace over your shape with a black or charcoal grey gel or liquid liner. I think she’s wearing a very dark grey, but I used black since I didn’t have any dark grey on hand. Keep the line very thick on your lid, and instead of a traditional wing, just bring your eyeliner to a point on the end with a baby flick.
  • She doesn’t have much definition on her bottom lash line, so I took a brown pencil liner and gently traced a very thin line close to my lash line.
  • I finished with 3 coats of mascara for look at me lashes.


  • In contrast to the rest of her look, which is very matte, Hanna has a super glossy lip. I didn’t have the exact color she has, so I layered MUFE’s copper pink under a raspberry lip gloss.

And that’s my completed look. Sorry for the low resolution pictures–of course my camera’s battery died as I was doing this look. What do you think? Would you wear this look yourself? Are there any other looks you’d like to see me do? Let me know in the comments below!

32 thoughts on “Pretty Little Liars Hanna Inspired Makeup

    • If you do, post it so I can see it! I’ve had a lot of fun doing inspired makeup looks–it’s helped me to get out of my routine

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