YOU Tell Me: What are Your Blogging Pet Peeves

I see it’s Monday again *sigh* It’s been a long time since I did a YOU Tell Me. I love hearing from you so let’s chat about our blogging pet peeves. My number #1 pet peeve: People who never respond to comments, especially when you’ve taken the time to leave a long, thoughtful comment about their post. Also, I bring this up now for my regular readers because I’ll be at a conference later this week and might be a little slower than usual responding–please forgive me, I’ll respond to all your comments when I get a chance!

So you tell me, what are your blogging pet peeves?


100 thoughts on “YOU Tell Me: What are Your Blogging Pet Peeves

  1. Yep not responding is kind of rude, especially if you don’t have 100 different commenters per post… I know girls that actually have that number and still take the time to reply to everyone, even if it’s a one word comment. I try responding to all too, maybe I get to them 2-3day late, but I always do. My pet peeves besides this hmm… Bloggers who comment on your post nothing related to it, just a “follow me at my blog blah blah blah”, at least take the time to say something regarding the topic lol πŸ˜‚

  2. It really bothers me when I’m browsing new posts, find one I really like then have to spend 5 minutes trying to comment, like or follow. I find that it helps to follow your own blog and look at it signed out so you can experience it the same way a reader does.

    • Oh interesting! I look at most things through the wordpress reader, which makes it really easy to do all those things, so I haven’t noticed

  3. I get bored of seeing similar post especially if it’s a review of a new product then everyone seems to write very similar posts about the same product. I understand that majority of bloggers just do product reviews and I love reading those but after a while it gets very repetitive. I don’t tend to review new products that come out straight away and that probably means I don’t get as many followers but for now I’m happy blogging about what products I enjoy n that work for me. I’m just lucky n very grateful that people seem to enjoy reading about them x

    • I gotcha. Like every month, when people get their ipsy or Birchbox subscription box, I’m happy to read about the first time and even a few times after that if I really like the blogger. But it’s a little repetitive seeing 10 posts on Birchbox in a day

      • Yeah totally. I get a beautu box too but I only do a post about it maybe every 2-3 months not every month coz I’m worried people won’t b interested. I’m very new to blogging so I’m still finding my feet.

      • I’ve only been blogging a little over a year, so I’m fairly new too. I think you’re getting it right by blogging about what you want to read

  4. I have to agree I think your number 1 pet peeve is the same as mine! I love writing comments to people when I find their posts interesting because I know if that was me I’d be so happy but when I write a long comment , ask a few question maybe put my input in , and all I get is a short answer or no reply it sorta annoys me to the point where I ask myself why should I bother? ahah xx

    • I know that feeling. I’ll read an article and think “wow, this is so relatable” and I think we have a bond, but we don’t because they never respond, ahaha

      • Completely agree. There are some bloggers that I would read no matter what, but there are just as many that I read because we’ve developed a friendship through blogging

  5. Biggest pet peeve is Was yours πŸ™‚ More so when the blogger is raving about an obviously sponsored product (no disclosure laws in Dubai) but when you ask for more information, they ignore you ! grrrr !!

    The other one is when instead of a genuine review, half the blog post is the press release from the PR company.

    • You would think that if they were sponsored to write the post, they would try to be more responsive with comments to represent the company better.

      • I guess? I get that if you have a lot of comments you might not be able to respond to every single one too. Idk, more annoyed when I see posts where every comment is manually approved, there’s only 3 comments and the person still won’t answer your question

      • It happened to me a few days ago where I asked a question on this blogger’s Instagram post (she has 854 likes on this post but no comments other than mine) and she never replied. And she had tagged a few more people after my comment ! After going through her site I realized she only replies to PR people.. Or to people complementing her πŸ™‚

      • Hey, I remembered another (sorry πŸ™ ) ! People who edit the life out of their faces πŸ˜› How can I believe how wonderful the foundation you are writing about when your face is blurred in to oblivion?

  6. Nice post. Follow for follow!

    Just kidding, that really pisses me off when people do that! I love responding to comments too, I don’t always have time to give a big answer to every comment, even though I don’t get a lot (too many exams right now!) but I at least acknowledge it with a like!
    ~ The Mechanic x

  7. I love the idea of a you tell me blog post. Thats such an awesome idea! My pet peeve is the people who post those pitiful please oh please follow me comments. That is so annoying! Dont be begging me for attention. It almost makes me determined NOT to follow them.

  8. That is my pet peeve as well! I always hope for some kind of interaction, even if it is just a smiley face, or liking my comment. At least then I feel that my comment was acknowledged. If someone takes the time to comment on one of my blog posts, then I’m going to take the time to respond!

    • Yes, that’s how I feel! Especially with comments on wordpress being so overwhelmingly nice, I feel the need to respond to them

  9. In my limited experience here in WP, there are some people following you and then commenting to ‘help’ you develop your blog and make money with it, etc. etc. etc. THIS is what bugs me most. Leave me be, I don’t wanna have some big corporate blog and make my money with it, and I won’t pay you anything, doesn’t matter how ‘hot’ your offer is, I just wanna have a space for myself and my rogue thoughts.

    Other than that, it’s not exactly on blogging but it’s related – when people from different sites hit my email with the contact sheet on my blog with stuff like “we loved your blog! can you now please mention our products in your posts but let’s be clear this isn’t a sponsored anything – just make us look good, and maybe, just maybe we’ll mention you in our social network stream.” My biggest desire in such cases is to email them back to go eff themselves. Really.

    • OMG, that last part so much. I used to get daily emails from companies that weren’t willing to offer anything, but wanted me to advertise their product. First of all, I’m not going to endorse something I’ve never used and have no experience with. I actually started emailing them back and telling them that I won’t work for free. I stopped getting a lot of those types of emails.

      • I know, right? It’s outrageous! That’s actually my biggest pet peeve since I’m seriously blogging. And it irritates the living hell out of me!

  10. Yeah, I agree, I get that people are busy but it’s nice when you get a reply to your comments every once in a while. One of my pet peeves is people who clearly don’t read the article and just comment for the sake of commenting and leaving a link.

    • I agree. I tend to leave a lot of comments, but more because I like how our blogging community encourages each other. I never leave links unless someone asks for it.

  11. Being fairly new to blogging I still get excited when I receive a comment. I personally find it frustrating with the generic follow me posts. I do read the blogs I comment on, often with short replies. I had never thought that they could be thought as being a generic response. I found your post and the comments you have received helpful and very interesting. I think I will write longer more personal responses to blogs in the future. Thank you.

    • Haha, I often write short comments. I think as long as your comment reflects that you’ve read the post, that’s fine. It seems like most people are just annoyed with the copy paste comments

  12. Blogs that make you click a link to read all- I don’t mind that feature on the WordPress reader itself, but once I’m on the actual page I want to able to scroll through and read posts without having to click a special link to each one. I’m also not a fan of made up blog awards. The more of those a blog posts the less confident I have in their actual content.

    • The same blogger reblogging their own or other people reblogging for contests? Seeing reblogs in my reader just confuses me because I think I’ve read everything once I see something I read before

      • The same blogger reblogging another blog…and then another…and another…and another…

        It just fills up my reader with crap I don’t care to read. I actually had to stop following a couple blogs because they never wrote their own work, they just rebloged what everyone else wrote.

  13. I have to say V, you have the same pet peeve as myself… acknowledging someone who has taken the time to write (even if only a few words) is something that’s really important to me. If I’ve read a blog post and left a comment with the prompt of a response and don’t get one usually sticks in my mind… I know we’ve all busy lives but a quick reply doesn’t cost too much πŸ™‚ Karen xo

  14. I know people have said this but I find it extremely rude and annoying when others use your blog for self promotion! As a newish blogger it hasn’t happened directly to me yet but I see it on other blogs a lot and people on Instagram are the worst offenders! Also, those “I’m 16 and have no friends, follow me” type posts. Ugh…we know you’re just a spammer and I’m not sure what the angle is but it’s definitely NOT legit! LOL. Rant over ;).

    • Oh, I know. I think the reason so many people have mentioned it is because it really is that annoying! I’m not on instagram, but I know some photo’s comments just become billboards “follow for follow” or “row for row”

  15. Yup, I hate when people just say follow my blog. I love checking out everyone’s blogs who follow, like, or comment on my blog besides those people. I hate when others tell me what to do so as soon as they say that it’s a huge turn off. I also know they didn’t take the time to even read my blog I was just another page to promote themselves on so it makes me think why should I take the time to read your posts? I won’t lie if people do it on Instagram I instantly report them for spam.

    • Good for you! And I’m the same way. I followed some bloggers like that when I was new, but have pretty much unfollowed them all since then.

  16. I second all the ones mentioned before. I know that “F4F”-behaviour and such requests have become a common thing among bloggers (and instagram etc), but such people should at least try to say sth related to the topic..
    I mean, I usually like straightforward people .. but.. not in an advertising and selfish way like this.
    Oh, and what really bugs me are dishonest reviews whether they’re on blogs or other platforms. I think bloggers (youtubers and the like) owe the reader an honest opinion. I’m always thankful for every reader who takes their time to visit and read my jabbering, I think it’s the least bloggers can do to be honest and not rave about a shitty product, lol.

    • Yes, I agree. I’ve had products sent to me that were no good and I’ve written the company back to say, this is what I think about this and what I’m going to post, do you still want me to post this? A lot of the time, companies will still ask you to post even your negative review because of the publicity.

  17. Thanks for bringing this up V and being real, that’s why I’m a big fan of you and your blog as you always keep it real :). I would think my pet peeve would be very similar to yours, leaving a thoughtful comment but not any follow up. But of course people could be busy with their schedules or they have too many comments to follow up but I think it would be nice to have some two-way communication right? Anyhow hope you have a great week V! πŸ™‚ xo~ Lena

  18. When the posts aren’t categorized in any way shape or form. If I go to a blog and it’s just a home page with the most recent posts, chances are I won’t read/follow it. I like to be able to read older posts if I’m new to the blog or need some catching up.

    • I know what you mean. Plus, I’m a lipstick fanatic, so if I’m new to a blog and you have a section or subsection for lip products, I’m instantly hooked

  19. It’s not hard to ‘like’ a comment or just say ‘Thank you :-)’…or is it really? I don’t think so anyway.x

    • Me either. I mean, sometimes I don’t know how to respond, but that’s when a smiley face or the like button comes in handy

      • Exactly. πŸ™‚ It’s nice to show that you’ve read it and are interested in the comments. Hey Ho…I guess some people just don’t think beyond themselves. 😦

  20. Bad spelling! It’s so distracting that it just breaks up every sentence. And I realize spelling’s not everyone’s strength but there are resources to check your work. If you’re going to take the time to do a blog, then take a few more seconds to make it a great one!

    • True. I realize that I probably make a lot of spelling or grammatical mistakes. When I reread my work it looks like everything is perfect…until I publish it that is. Also, weird pet peeve, but I hate when people spell “palette” as “pallet.” I don’t know why since I looked it up and both are technically right, but the second way just annoys me. I know, I’m weird.

  21. People who swear they read every comment, but can’t respond to any. And people who spam blogs or even mention there blog in a comment. It makes the comment feel not so genuine. Idk, thats just me.

    • I understand that. A lot of bigger bloggers/vloggers say that they read every comment when they don’t respond to any. I mean, I don’t mind if you get thousands of comments and don’t respond to all of them, no need to pretend that you read them all

  22. Interesting topic ! I think I just stop reading a blog when the author is rude in the comments, or never replies in the comments (or just replies the same word to everyone, whatever they say). Bad spelling is also distracting.
    When it comes to the content, I’m just annoyed when I read a title that sounds interesting and promising, and the article is just void, either it’s a rip-off from another website, or it completely lacks research…
    I’m not a big fan of sponsored reviews. I may read them (just to analyse “how did she manage to sell us that product when last month she said the total opposite”), but I’m not going to believe them or buy anything based on that. I’m not going to stop reading a blog if they have a few sponsored reviews once in a while, but if a blog is only a big advertisement, I’ll leave. Ho yes, ads blinking everywhere, that’s awfull too. there, am I not an easy audience ?

    • Hahaha! I understand that. I have a few sponsored reviews here and there. I don’t get why people are afraid to give their real opinion on sponsored reviews though. I’ve contacted companies about products that I couldn’t say a decent thing about and they’ve told me to go on and post the review anyway just for the publicity.

  23. I absolutely hate when people leave self promotion comments on my blog like everyone else. Please at least read my post and put something about it before you try to get me to follow you. 9 times out of 10 I look at the blog of a new commenter anyway

    • Yes, same here. I don’t visit new blogs 100% of time when they comment on my posts, but I visit a lot of my commenters and I keep up with new blogs via the beauty tag in the reader

  24. This is great, I was going to do a similar post called “What I hate about blogging and bloggers” lol. My biggest pet peeve is when people “like” your post without even reading it. Maybe it comes up in their feed and they click “like” as a way for you to head over to their blog. I get that a lot, and I just have to roll my eyes because I’ve deactivated my “like” button so there’s no way they could have done that from reading my article. For me the comments thing is not really annoying to me. If they have an interesting topic and I leave a thoughtful comment then yes it will be nice if they replied, but if my comment is generic and visa versa, then it doesn’t bother me if they don’t respond to it. In regards to the whole follow 4 follow, I use to do that when I first started because I saw everyone else doing it, but then I realised how annoying it was and stopped. I do try to make an effort with visiting blogs, but it really annoys me when people act like they want to engage with you and leave a comment, then never return. So it’s always me heading over to their blog to engage with them and build a relationship, but they don’t make the same effort. I’ve only now started to unfollow a lot of those people.

    • Wait, if you deactivate the like button on your article, does it still show up in reader? Very strange. I’m trying to get better at visiting people who visit my blog. I try to go visit everybody who visits me about once a week, but I still think I miss some people

      • My my, what a great topic this is! I do hit the like button from my reader without opening the blog but only because I have previously read it through my email and it will ask me to sign in to like the blog. Instead of signing in, i’ll just open up my reader and like it. I hope that makes sense.

      • Yes I believe so because there isn’t any other way that I could think of where people would be able to like an article and not read it :/ I don’t force myself to visit blogs on a regular basis tbh, I think it’s nice when it’s natural – like you would the Vogue website or MTV. I subscribe via email and will scroll through the titles of blogs posts whenever I’m free. I just end up clicking on the ones that sound interesting and deleting the ones that don’t appeal to me.

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  26. Mine is bloggers been rude in general. I find some so rude. They have a couple of hundreds of thousands and think that is it, they are Famous, lol. Reblogging pisses me off as well for a weird reason, I feel ripped off.

    • I don’t mind a reblog once in a while, but I’m not a fan of blogs that are made up of completely reblogging other people’s material. This isn’t tumblr!

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