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Reacting to Past Pics w/ Karen from Confetti and Curves

TGIF, TGIF! Please note, I’m at a conference now, so I can’t approve and respond to all your lovely comments right away. Sorrrrry. But on to the fun stuff. Karen from Confetti and Curves and I recently teamed up to bring you this fun post. We were bouncing ideas off each other of how we could collaborate and Karen came up with this fun idea of reacting to old photos. Because we are #bbloggers and so #professional, we also decided to talk a little bit about the beauty choices that were going on in each of these pics. Hope you enjoy!

Past Pics 4

Let’s Go Back to the Beginning…
True story, like I’m guessing many of you, I grew up in a pre-digital camera and camera phone world. All photos of me before I was maybe 16 were taken on a film camera. The print photos are hanging out at my parents’ house 8 hours away, so I don’t get to share much with you. My cousin, however, was kind enough to have sent me this gem some years ago. Clearly, I am the adorable one on the right and my baby cousin is on the left. I say baby cousin even though she is now a grown woman in her twenties. I think I was maybe 10 when this was taken and had graduated to the grown up world of neon tankinis. The late 90s/early 2000s was the height of chic in terms of swimwear.

Past Pics 3

And Skipping All the Way to College
Yes, I’m skipping all the way from age 10 to age 20, when I interned at a dinosaur museum. Just to be clear, my degree has nothing to do with dinosaurs and this internship was in no way relevant to my career–but it sure was fun! Here I am on a day so mortifying it will forever be burned into my brain. See all the eye makeup I’m wearing? See what I’m missing? I totally forgot to put on mascara. 20-something year old me’s look was all about intricate eyeshadow looks that disappeared as soon as you put the flash on. But in all seriousness, I love the way I looked in college. I piled on the eyeshadow and I had fun.

Past Pics 2

This was taken in NYC (Madison Square Garden, maybe?) the summer after I graduated college. For what should have been an abysmal period in my life (out of college, no job), I sure travelled a lot and had a lot of fun that summer. I went to New York with my now fiance to celebrate our anniversary. Post-grad me was 20 lbs lighter than current me and she could totally rock a strapless dress in the middle of the day. Also, this is a point in my life where I gave no f***s about my bra strap showing. Also, also, I went through a phase in which I absolutely adored black nail polish.

Past Pics 1

Post Post-Grad
This was taken about 2 years ago (time flies!) and is another picture of me at a museum. This time, it’s not a museum I worked at, it’s the Smithsonian in DC. Going through my photos, I realized I have an alarming amount of pictures of me with fossils. Let’s talk about my hair though. The photo’s dark, but you can make out that I was going through my blonde phase. I dyed my hair blonde myself, not because I couldn’t afford to go to a salon so much as I wanted to see if I could do it myself. By the time this was snapped, I was already thinking of dying it back dark (definitely more me) and had let my roots grow out.

Past Pics 5

I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It
Not really. This is a picture of my fiance and I this past Halloween. Shout out to all the Beetlejuice fans who get his costume! I’m Poison Ivy. I based my costume decision entirely around this gorgeous red wig I spotted in a costume shop and knew I had to own. You can’t see the rest of my costume too well, but I went DIY by gluing fake leaves from the dollar store to a body suit I got from forever 21. For my makeup, I went all out on the blush, highlight and contouring. Not my day to day look, but I think it’s fun to do when you have a party to attend.


So that’s it for past pics. Make sure to check out Karen’s post to see her fun photos. Happy weekend! XOXO

18 thoughts on “Reacting to Past Pics w/ Karen from Confetti and Curves

  1. This was such a great idea for a collaboration! I loved these posts!! I just might have to try to do one myself but of course I will give you two the credit for it. 🙂 Thanks for sharing! ❤ Xo

    • lol, aww thank you Lena. My fiance thought he bought the male ghost mask, but when he realized he got the wife’s he went full out

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