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How to Simplify Your Packing

Good morning! I’ve been out of town to go to go a conference for the past few days. Hurray. Sounds like a good time for a post on how to simplify your packing. By using these items, I’ve saved a lot of room in my bag.

What to pack for vacation

Pulsaderm Buddy*: The Pulsaderm Buddy is a lot like the Clarisonic, except way better for packing! The brush size is about the same, but the handle is smaller, which makes this fit in my suitcase much easier. I also find the brush to be softer and much gentler on my skin. You can find this on their website for $69.00

A Multitask Palette: Packing palettes isn’t all that fun. They’re bulky and I’m afraid that they’ll break. With a smaller palette like the Naked 2 Basics, I can wrap this up in a shirt and feel more comfortable about it not shattering. Plus this palette works for day or night and includes some colors that are perfect for eyebrows as well!

Your Everyday Lip Color: I’d love to bring just about every lipstick I own on vacation, but the truth is, I can save a lot of room by just picking one. I like Nyx Butter Gloss in Creme Brulee because it goes with every makeup look.

Perfume Sample: You know those perfume samples you always pick up from Sephora? Vacation or travel time is the perfect time use these. They take up so much less room in your bag and are so less likely to break.

Double-Ended Makeup Brush: I love this double ended makeup brush because I can use the fluffy side for eyeshadow and the angled side for eyebrows. This is a must for me whenever I’m traveling, and means that I spend less time digging through my bags.

So these are my essentials for simplifying your packing. What are yours? Let me know in the comments below.

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51 thoughts on “How to Simplify Your Packing

  1. I love using perfume samples as well as skincare samples while travelling. I save the samples that I know my skin tolerates to reduce the risk of testing something brand spankin new while on vacay.
    Thanks for this helpful list!

    • This! The last time I took a plane, I only brought a carry on and with the airline’s liquid policy, could only bring sample sizes of cleanser. Worst mistake and one I will not be repeating!

    • How do you like the Tartlette palette? I had my eye on it, but of course, when I went into Sephora it was completely sold out

  2. Great suggestions, V! I always take my palette with me in my purse if I’m taking a plane. I just don’t think I could function with limited color options, lol 🙂 And perfume samples!? They’re the best. I don’t even buy perfume anymore I have so many!

    • Lol, I love them! That’s a good trick by Sephora, because I always justify my huge purchases by picking up a sample or two and feeling like I got a good deal, haha.

  3. I’m packing now and had to make a run to Sephora. I was going to lug my full size shampoo and conditioner with me but thought better of it last minute. I use Living Proof Best Hair Day and they carry the sample pack there. It includes the shampoo, conditioner, 5-1 styling cream and styling extender. Love it. I also grabbed The Elizabeth and James Nirvana travel size at the check out, which gives me both the Black and the White version. Rather than try and find a travel size face cleanser, and toner I got the Sephora Express Cleansing and Purifying wipes. Seriously. I have a Sephora problem 🙂

  4. How good are palettes for travelling! I am definitely not as streamlined when I pack my makeup, I just did a post on my travel makeup and I have triple the products! haha. I did however, discover the amazing solid shampoos from Lush. They are amazing for travel, and no lugging around heavy shampoo bottles.

    • I usually am too. My fiance always asks me why I need a whole overstuffed suitcase for one weekend away, haha. I’ve decided that I’m going to get back to packing light, hence the post

  5. terrific blog! ugh… I always tell myself that I’m going to write up a packing blog every time i prepare to go on a cruise. Guess what I forget to do? LOL Have you seen the UD “On the Run” palette/set? It’s not for me as the colors don’t suit me well enough to justify the cost of it, but it IS a really great thing for someone who it suits!

  6. I’ve tried so hard to simplify my packing but it never works haha. I can’t carry makeup in my purse cause I would carry everything. I always pack things and never wear them but if I’m going on a trip I pack all my makeup which is in a large Sephora bag and then I have a roll up bag for my brushes haha.

  7. When I travel, I like to bring a lot of stick-type things that I can bundle together with a hair tie. Stick eyeshadows, concealers, etc. I’ll often use my lipstick as a cream blush as well; more options with less products!

    Also, small Z palettes are great because I can customize what I want to bring, as well as have all powder products in one place!

    • That’s a really great idea about bringing stick items! How do you like the Z palette? Is it easy to depot eyeshadow and blush?

      • I have several Z palettes! It’s pretty easy to depot things once you get the hang of it. A lot of tutorials recommend using a flat iron, but I’ve found that using a naked flame from a tea light is much more effective; you just have to work faster!

  8. I am terrible at packing. I tend to save hair and skin care samples to take with me so I don’t have lots of bulky products. One lipstick would kill me though…I like to take 5 and of course use only one! 😉

    • Story of my life! “But what if I want to try a bright lip look one of those days?” I just have to tell myself that I’m sticking to a natural or at least neutral look while I’m away, haha

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