YOU Tell Me: How Young is Too Young for Plastic Surgery?

TGIF! TGIF! Can you tell this girl’s excited for the weekend and warm weather? Heck yes! If you regularly read gossip sites or you know, glance at what’s trending on the sidebar of facebook, you might have heard the news that Kylie Jenner has finally admitted that she got lip injections. Good, I was so over the overdrawn lip trend. But this brings up another question. Kylie is only 17. Is she too young for this type of procedure?

pacsunn whaaaaart @joycebonelli long hair don’t care

A photo posted by Kylizzle (@kyliejenner) on Aug 25, 2014 at 12:30pm PDT

I’m a little divided here. Some people argue that this isn’t plastic surgery. Semantics aside, the thought of a young girl doing this makes me a little uncomfortable. On one hand, this isn’t permanent. Is it really worse than girls going on Accutane to fight their acne? But on the other hand, having thin lips isn’t a growing pain like acne that briefly wreaks havoc on your life and goes its merry way. (Well, it hasn’t gone it’s merry way for me, but that’s another story). This is the face that she’s stuck with and despite the number of selfies that would make you think otherwise, she genuinely doesn’t like it. And that makes me sad. Also, shame on all the commenters that say she’s “the ugliest Kardashian” etc. She’s a teenage girl. Can you imagine what you make other girls think of themselves when you call her ugly?

So what do you think? Is Kylie too young for lip injections? Is the procedure really that bad? Did anyone else already know this was a case of lip injections and not the most amazing lip liner application in the world? Let me know in the comments below

60 thoughts on “YOU Tell Me: How Young is Too Young for Plastic Surgery?

  1. I think that if this poor girl had grown up outside of the limelight where there weren’t ass holes who would tell her she’s the “ugliest Kardashian” she probably wouldn’t feel like she is! We all have things that we don’t like about ourselves, but they are easier to live with when you don’t have people constantly judging your looks. When was the last time we heard anything about Kylie’s character? Um. Never. I do think 17 is too young as she is legally still a child, but I do at the end of the day think it’s a personal choice… even if I truly believe she probably did it cause people suck and say mean things… it’s still a personal choice that any ADULT should have the right to make. Ok, off my soapbox hehe 🙂

    • Lol, I like hearing your opinion! It actually really bothers me seeing comments saying she’s ugly etc. I mean, she is only 17 (and I would have killed to look like her as a teen) and she’s had these lips for a while, so people must have been saying things like this to her since she was 15 or 16. That’s completely rotten!

      • It really is. It astounds me how many evil people live in this world. I think there is something beautiful about everyone and every time I look at another female I always make sure to look for sometime beautiful and say something nice… we are NOT all the same and it’s crazy stupid to compare apples to oranges 😦

    • I’m not sure. I’m a little cynical and think she admitted to it because so many people were on to her, but wanted to save it for the show. Or maybe, not her herself since she’s just a kid, but the publicity team

  2. Boy, I really can’t say. If she wanted them, and her parents were supportive, I guess it’s her own choice. My aunt let me know that I could get surgery to get my deviated septum fixed if I wanted to when I was 17. But I said no, and I’m glad I did, because such a short time later, I’ve grown to tolerate (NOT love – I still won’t take pictures of my profile) my short, crooked, crow nose… that’s not an exaggerated description, btw. And that’s so important.

    Through the young adult years your hormones are going crazy (and anyone who treats hormones like they’re a minor thing doesn’t know what they’re talking about, hormones can physically change your body), you want to be accepted by a social group, and your ideas and opinions are constantly being molded.

    It’s not a permanent surgery, which would have been really tragic because she could have grown to hate it (but maybe she never would have been happy with her natural lips, even when she got into middle age), but it was still pretty significant. I just hope she learns from this experience, whether she decides to keep getting injections or keep them more natural or what.

    Also, anyone who trashes someone’s looks, ESPECIALLY a teenager, is just being scummy. Period.

    • Okay, so I am confusing myself with my multiple Kylie Jenner posts because I thought your other comment was on this one. Hence why my reply may not have made sense in context. I’m also glad it’s not a permanent surgery. It’s not that I’m morally opposed to plastic surgery, but goodness knows that there are things I wanted to change about myself when I was 16/17 that I wouldn’t want to change about myself any more.

      • Haha no, it all made sense to me! And yes exactly, that’s my point as well. You aren’t the same person at 20 that you were at 17, nor are you the same person at 60 that you were at 40. We are constantly changing every year, constantly growing new cells, but there’s a point where you start to decay more rapidly and stop growing. When your mind starts to settle down, and you’ve had some experience. That’s when you should make big decisions on your appearance. Not when you’re young and have really barely started to live. I honestly believe that she felt she had to get lip injections because of the criticism she got… but the celebrity system on a whole is so messed up, I’m not going to get into that now. ;P Kept you long enough.

  3. Probably too young for most 17 year olds but while I don’t support a procedure like that for someone this young, I’m sympathetic towards the pressure she would have growing up in the spotlight.

    • I definitely agree with that. And having a big sister like Kim Kardashian is probably rough when you’re going through your awkward puberty stage.

  4. She’s way too young to have lip fillers done even if they are temporary. She is not the ugliest Kardashian/Jenner. I actually think she was and still is pretty but that her Mom may be the cause of her insecurities. That’s all.

    • I don’t actually watch the show, so I can’t speak to who is the cause of her insecurities. Her mom and dad did allow her to get lip fillers though.

  5. IMO I feel that social media has made everyone a critic, wrongfully so. No one but Kylie knows what its like to be her. We all have our demons. Whether its thin lips and wanting them fuller, curly hair and wanting it straight…it’s not for anyone else to judge. We don’t know her struggles. Because of social media and her family, we unjustly assume we know them. People should be allowed to make their own choices without the whole world chiming in.

    • It has to be tough growing up in the spotlight too. With so many people voicing their different opinions, you almost end up in a situation where you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  6. I think it was very obvious that her lips were more than just makeup. The “right age” is more than just a number. I think it’s more about the person’s state of mind and knowing what the reasons truly are for having these cosmetic procedures done. I think she looks beautiful either way. But it’s not what we think that matters. I wonder if it weren’t for the dangerous challenge going around, had she still admitted to getting lip fillers?

    • I always thought so too, but there were a lot of people who insisted otherwise. I’ve never seen anyone make that sort of transformation with just lip liner though

  7. I think she is too young. We all have things that we don’t like about ourselves but unfortunately she gets even more criticism being in the public eye. Lip injections are better than going under the knife but they are still a gateway. I’m a-okay with plastic surgery but she’s not even a legal adult, and clearly her parents (at least Kris) and sisters aren’t the best role models in my opinion. I think she needs to just relax and enjoy her youth and stop trying to live in her sisters shoes. I’m scared for her to see what happens in the next few years for her. I wish girls would wait and make sure that they do plastic surgery for the right reasons anyways.

    • Yes, or get a little more used to their faces. I know that sounds weird, but I think most of us go through bad phases with our self-image as teenagers. It’s pretty early to start changing yourself.

  8. I pray that she may know how Loved she is by our heavenly Father, no matter what she does or does not do; loved for her value as a human being beyond physical beauty, Loved unconditionally and Loved into the blossoming of her calling and destiny as the image and likeness of God, not a sexual object, not enslaved to a cultural standard of beauty, but a daughter of the Most High, therefore a princess, royal, cherished, and lavished with Love. May she know her Real Father, especially considering the turmoil within her earthly dad. May she be guided by the Spirit, not pop culture. I wish I could wrap my arms around her and tell her her intrinsic value as a child of God. I think natural beauty comes from God’s Spirit shining in and though us and knowing our worth and value as brides of the Most High, whose Love never fails!

  9. No age is appropriate for unnecessary plastic surgery. I’m sorry, I’m strict on this – plastic surgery isn’t needed just to change something about you that you don’t like, AND you age gracefully exactly when you give yourself the opportunity to really age, no weekly manipulations, no shots, no facelifts, etc. (I mean, look at Kim Katrall!) To me, plastic surgery is an appropriate option for people with severe problems, like scars from accidents, burn victims and other issues that can be corrected to look normal again and make the receiver’s life easier. For instance, one of my college dorm mates had a HUGE mole on almost the whole right side of her face and she had it removed when she was 15 – that I can easily tolerate, and it had been done due to health concerns that this mole could easily change into skin cancer tissue. Anything else like this effing horses**t about teenagers getting lip fillers and their mothers looking younger than their children with weekly botox shots and lifting is just outrageous!

    • That is certainly one way to look at it. There’s definitely a lot of truth to aging gracefully. When I see 50-60 year old women with botox, I don’t think they look 30. I think they look like 50-60 year old women who have had botox.

      • Thank you! I thought it was just me. In my not so honest opinion, the real grace is to embrace your age and still look amazing. I’m sorry but I admire a lot of elderly women who haven’t succumbed to this awful trend – and Iris Apfel is on the top of my list. They’re all such an inspiration!

  10. I don’t usually mind what another person wishes to do to themselves however I hate how her personal choice is making a lot of young people have a mindset that destroys their self confidence. I mean looks aren’t everything and the world is filled with body image issues, and now we have stupid people destroying their nice lips using shot glasses for better lips. Urgh.
    Hajara | Chocolatefrosst Xx

    • Ugh, yes, I saw that challenge. I don’t hold that against Kylie though because I don’t think she was advocating it in any way. I blame the media for constantly talking about her lips and not how some women are so beautiful with their thinner lips

  11. I really just don’t understand lip injections period. I don’t see the appeal in wanting big lips. I just don’t get it. I wouldn’t want to have any plastic surgery done on my face but again that’s just my own preference. I find that when people start messing with their face they start to have that fake plastic look. Though Kylie is beautiful and I’m sure she looks beautiful without lip injections as well.

    • I actually thought that she was very pretty without before the lip injections (although she still is pretty either way) I’m not sure I would get plastic surgery done either. I feel like most plastic surgery is going for the same look

  12. I’m torn because it’s not permanent like a nose or a boob job, but I feel like her parents should have encouraged her to learn to love herself exactly as she is. Sometimes I feel as though the Jenner girls were never treated as kids, just because they were financially beyond others their age. They still need parental guidance and this is an example of that in my opinion.

    • Yes, I agree with that last part. I saw yesterday that one of them is dating a 25 year old with a kid and he sorta justified it by saying she lived a very adult lifestyle. But maybe she shouldn’t be living an adult lifestyle

      • Yup that’s Kylie as well! I just think that just because they have the financial tools to live an adult life does not necessarily mean that they should be living like an adult. Plus you only get one childhood so looking back I would say don’t grow up too fast.

  13. Gosh, she’s such a beauty behind that make up and with all that make up. I used to be against plastic surgery, but then thought, it’s not my decision what others want to do with their bodies. If they do not feel comfortable in their own skin, let them do what it takes to be comfortable. Kind of like how I wear make up to the gym. A lot of people will think that’s silly and stupid, but for me, it’s a confidence booster! Great topic by the way, love that it got everyone talking! xo, Kayleigh

    • Thanks Kayleigh! I’ve worn makeup to the gym before too–mostly because I could care less about having to wipe it off after work

  14. My issue is she’s 17…. SEVENTEEN. She’s not even a legal adult yet. But I’m glad she came clean and fessed up (even though it was SO obvious because there are photos of her floating around with her normal lips). But this sends the wrong message to girls her age (and younger). All teenagers go through that awkward phase where they hate something (or everything) about themselves. They feel ugly and whatnot. I know because I’ve been there myself. I hated the way I looked when I was a teenager (and not being popular in high school didn’t help matters much either), but then I grew up and I look so different now than I did during my “ugly duckling” years. If you’re an adult and want to butcher the crap out of your face and body… have at it! But if you’re just a kid, unless it’s something way out of the ordinary and something that could positively change or even save your life (I have friends who have had plastic surgery on their nose because they couldn’t breathe through their nose and surgery was the only option), then that’s a whole ‘nother ballgame, you know? But plastic surgery/lip injections/botox just for the hell of it? NO.

    • Oh I know. There were a lot of things I would change about myself as a teen that I wouldn’t change now. And I don’t look all that different now, I just have a different perspective

  15. A young person doesn’t even have full use of their prefrontal cortex (which is the part of the brain that controls impulse and emotion) until they are roughly 25 years old. I would use this fact as my foundation for arguing that any age under 25 is too young for any sort of elective or cosmetic plastic surgery.

  16. Great post V. I think she is young to be making such life-changing decisions that are permanent and would have a significant impact in her life, but then again it is her life choice and there’s nothing much people can do than raise an eyebrow. But in all regards I think she’s beautiful the way she is and if anything society and pop culture’s pressure on her to be “as pretty as her sisters” might have something to do with contributing to her decisions. Anyhow hope you have a great weekend V! xo~ Lena

  17. I think part of this issue is the whole family is constantly in press Spotlight and often with a negative spin. So, I get why she tried to hide it. Too bad she did because a lot of young adults used those lip plumpers and hurt themselves thinking you could achieve what she did without a cosmetic procedure.

    I think she’s too young. I think at 16 focusing on altering physical characteristics about yourself for sex appeal is a bit early. But these are a family of women who fight to be on the front page of magazines so this may have been her move to get a bigger cut of thst attention. It’s definiteky temporary and can even be reversed. If you don’t like it, there’s a product that breaks it down.

    I love full lips. I have no issue with anyone changing anything. I get lip injections. But I think 16 is too young to be messing with that stuff and I would not have signed the consent release for my child. But… This is a family living a life that we can’t understand not having been in their shoes. So, if the parents felt it was acceptable, okay.

    • Yes and her family is very accepting of plastic surgery. It’s not secret that her mom and dad both had work done. But I’m kinda on the fence like you. It can be reversed and I have no moral qualms about plastic surgery, but her age makes me feel a little iffy about it.

      • Exactly. The age. I feel at that age the focus should be school, family, having fun, etc. Looking sexier and more voluptuous can come in time with a few more years!

  18. well she must stay assured that she’s definitely NOT the most ugliest Kardashian! I agree with plastic surgery at any age, even for kids if that helps correct some real flaws and not done on a whim! with adults things change though! but hey, to each their own!
    examples like this are disturbing though!
    lots of xx, Annie

      • yes, absolutely! and it SO not good for the fragile teenager she is… growing trust issues at this age it’s so so easy! I hope she is strong enough and the other ladies around her are wise enough, and this whole shebag to be a new marketing strategy! 😉

  19. So the lying is the first issue. That was wrong. Repentance and telling the truth is the right thing to do. Putting foreign substances into your body is pretty scary. Acutane screws your whole body up and is toxic, toxic, toxic. What if in two years they are running a lawyer suing commercial on lip fillers like they do for most medications? Does a seventeen year old weigh the evidence or fully comprehend the dangers associated with products? It’s like the forty year family man who went in to clean up the toxic spill in Japan and the seventy year old man said it really should have been him, since the forty year old will die too young from toxic exposure and the seventy year had already lived his life. It’s dangerous to mess around with your body. If a sixty year old wants to, then their grandchildren will miss them, but a seventeen year old?

    • My cousin went on Accutane some years ago and still feels side effects from it. Obviously, she was a teenager at the time, and wasn’t able to evaluate the consequence of that decision. Thanks for your input.

  20. I don’t understand why people say she’s ugly because I think she’s really beautiful. I would say don’t have surgery until you’re 21. I think it’s a shame that her mother has allowed her to do this. Instead of resulting to surgery, I’d want to try my best as a mother to build confidence in my daughter. For me personally, I think young girls go through a lot with confidence, self-esteem and body image problems during their teens and they take other peoples judgements very personally, therefore it’s easy to say they’d like to change this, this and that. Their life is school or college and they don’t understand that there’s life after those years. The older you get, the more you learn about accepting your flaws, become more confident in yourself and not caring about what people say. You also learn that life is not all about the way you look and there’s actually a whole world out there. For many people around me, including myself, the age I reached this was around 21 when I left the education system, so that’s the reason I’ve given this answer.

  21. I feel bad that she had to grow up in such a superficial family and in the limelight like someone else said. It’s easy to think that I would just shun a lifestyle like that but it’s easy to become influenced by the people around you. I got a nose job at 19 because I was born with cleft lip and palate, so as well as it fixing my deviated septum & my breathing problems, it made my nose much smaller and more aesthetically pleasing… at least to me. I’m so glad I did it and it improved my self confidence tenfold, but again, it was partly for medical reasons. I think for the most part, people should try their hardest to embrace their natural selves, but if someone really thinks they will be happier with a smaller nose or bigger lips, I guess that’s fine 🙂 It is all up to the individual.

    • Good points. It’s especially easy to be influenced by the people around you when you’re just a teen. Thanks for stopping by!

  22. I always suspected that she had lip injections and yeah I think she’s too young but being a Kardashian comes with a lot of pressure so I can’t really blame. I feel bad for her honestly

    • Agreed. Bruce Jenner too, unless they’re actively arguing over how to raise her. It’s seems like they’ve had their marital issues and left the kids to fend for themselves.

  23. it’s sad because I think a lot of younger girls will want the same injections without having the same budget as the Kardashian and will end up in the office of non-qualified so called doctors and the results could be damaging 😦

    • Very true. I’ve seen quite a few horror stories in terms of lip injections. Either the way it looks, or even sometimes the filler leaking out 😦

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