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Blogging 101: Fashion & Beauty Blogger Freebie Programs

Happy Friday, loves! One of my most successful blog posts ever was How To Run a Beauty Blog. Turns out, I really like to blog about the process of beauty blogging. I’ve been pretty sporadic with updates. My apologies! For my latest installment, I wanted to talk about beauty and fashion blogger programs I have been a part of. I won’t be talking about brands I worked with on a one off basis, but instead about long-term beauty blogger programs. Let’s get started.

There are really two types of blogging programs. The first is when you sign up with a third-party program like etailPR or Brandbacker, which will connect you with several brands. Usually, you have to apply to be on a campaign each month for these to get samples. The other option is to work with a brand directly. Companies like Oasap, Chicnova, Sheinside, Sammy Dress, and Romwe will give you a certain amount of store credit each month to purchase their clothing and feature it on your blog. As long as you fulfill their posting requirements, they will continue to give you store credit. Now let me talk about my experiences working with each.

etailPR: As you might be able to tell from the banner on my sidebar, I still love working with etailPR. This one can be a little bit of a hassle sometimes. First you apply to join different brands’ campaigns. Once approved, this still doesn’t mean you get a sample. You then have to apply for a sample each month for any brands you are approved for. I think now is a good time to be perfectly honest and say that there are several brands I’m approved for that I have never gotten to work with, because they went with other bloggers for the campaign. That being said, I think a huge plus to working with etailPR is that they are that selective. If you end up getting a sample, you’re not going to have to compete for traffic with a million other bloggers who wrote the same post as you. One downside is that the qualifications of working with each brand seem to be getting more narrow–brands are increasingly demanding better stats and many will now only work with UK-based bloggers.
Pros: Selective, get high quality samples that make for great blog posts
Cons: Selective, may not have the stats or be in the right area to work with many brands

Brandbacker: Brandbacker is another platform that I’ve worked with for a long time (probably over a year now). My opinion of this one has changed over time. As opposed to etailPR, you get more beauty related samples through this one. However, as time has gone on, I find that many of their products are just not right for my blog anymore. Don’t get me wrong: I’ve had some great opportunities recently, but I find that most of their samples are skincare related, which just aren’t right for my blog at this time. Another issue is that compared to etailPR, there are more companies on Brandbacker that send out mass samples. I was very excited to work on one campaign last year until I saw my WordPress reader flooded with bloggers posting the same product.
Pros: Easier to work with brands
Cons: Not always selective about sending out samples, may find samples aren’t a good fit for blog

Oasap: Oasap is an Asian clothing retailer that I worked with for several months in 2014. You can sign up through their website. Oasap will give you monthly credit to their site in exchange for posts about their products. One great thing about Oasap is that the type of post is pretty open ended as long as you link to their website. You can do a review, haul, outfit of the day, etc. They also give you the opportunity to work with them on giveaways. The only problem I had with this was that they require a lot from people to enter their giveaways so I didn’t always get a lot of entries.
Pros: Monthly samples, creative freedom with posts
Cons: Will get a lot of emails, might find that the giveaways aren’t worth doing

Blogger Programs I Have Yet To Work With
I have not personally worked with any of these blogger programs, but I wanted to mention them for any fashion bloggers who are interested. You should be able to sign up for their program through their websites.

  • Chicnova
  • Romwe
  • Sammy Dress
  • Chicwish
  • Choies
  • Lookbook
  • Goodnight Macaroon
  • Jolly Chic
  • Stylemoi

Again, I can’t tell you anything about those programs, as I have not worked with them.

Well there you have it, my list of blogging programs and their pros and cons. Have you worked with any of these programs? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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36 thoughts on “Blogging 101: Fashion & Beauty Blogger Freebie Programs

  1. It’s really generous of you to share who you work with and how you partner with brands. I’m still super new to blogging, only been at it for about a year, and I’ve always wondered how blogs go about getting set up with companies to get samples to write about it or if there were just a lot of rich bloggers out there who could afford to buy all this stuff 😛

  2. I’ve worked with some of those mentioned above. Pretty on point with etailpr and brandbacker. Love Oasap, I’ve been happy with the quality of clothes for the most part, and still wear them quite often..

    • I really like Oasap too. My only complaint was that sometimes the clothes did not fit as expected, which isn’t anything against Oasap in particular. Just a peril of buying online.

  3. This is very useful V as I’ve always wondered about etailPR and brandbacker. It is a hassle to have to apply for the brand sponsorship each time, but I wonder if it’s an exclusive thing?I love some of the stores you mentioned here like Sheinside and Lookbook, hope you get the chance to work with them soon as their clothes are chic and affordable! 🙂 xo~ Lena

    • Maybe, fingers crossed. Someone from Lookbook had reached out to me last year, but my page view stats weren’t quite there. The struggles of being a new blogger at the time

  4. I work with BrandBacker and have gotten several products through them. I’m now even working with one brand directly as a result. Tomoson is another site that hooks up bloggers with companies.

  5. Thank you for this post! I might try out Brandbacker and have been thinking about them. Thanks for the info! 🙂

  6. You are simply awesome V! Thanks so much for sharing! I have to thank you personally because through you, I joined Brandbacker and am now using a skincare line thay I absolutely love! I really wasnt into skincare but by joining yheir campaigns, I’ve been able to wnjoy some really cool products

    • I hope you find it useful. I think it’s frustrating to think about signing up to work with companies and not being able to find info on how they are to work with

  7. Thanks for posting this. I was just starting to wonder about these things and about 20 min before seeing your post, I went to BrandBackers website. So, how do you know when campaigns are coming? Do they email you or how does that work?

    • Hello there. So for Brandbacker, they do not email you when there are new campaigns. You just have to regularly check the website. If you sign on with etailPR, they tell you a specific time of the month that you can apply for samples on campaigns you’re approved for.

  8. Not a fan of Romwe, worked with them on Youtube way backand told them clearly at the beginning that I would take two weeks to upload the video (as outfit videos take long to edit) and they agreed, but in the end, asked me every day why the video wasn’t up since I sent them an email that I received the package. Stopped working with them after two sponsorships as it happened both times.

    They also don’t like it if you say you got your outfit from other brands (eg. “I got my shirt from ___ and the short from Romwe”, you could only say “I had the shirt from before and the shorts are from Romwe”).

    • Hey, thanks for your insight. This is really valuable for other bloggers. Kinda lame that they didn’t appreciate how much time and effort you put into the videos

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