Beautiful Blogger Tag: 7 Random Facts About Me

Welcome back to my beautiful blog this Sunday night. I don’t know why this tag is called the beautiful blogger tag. I guess it’s because we are all so naturally good looking. Anyway, the point of this tag is to say 7 random things about yourself, so here it goes: 7 random things about me!

  1. My second toe is longer than the big one. Just like the Statue of Liberty.
  2. I’m either obsessively coloring my hair or going years without touching it. There is no in between
  3. I was very close to my dad growing up, but feel closer to my mom the older I get
  4. My fiance’s nickname for me is “bug.” He is a very charming man. Most people just call me “Vanessa” or “V”
  5. I used to never want to do tag posts because I wanted my blog to be strictly focused on content. Meeting so many amazing and caring bloggers has changed that.
  6. When I was little, I wrote to the children’s author Lloyd Alexander. He wrote back!
  7. I always try to go a day or two every week without wearing any makeup.

And that’s it. Feel free to do this post yourself. Happy Sunday XOXO


27 thoughts on “Beautiful Blogger Tag: 7 Random Facts About Me

  1. My two small toes on my right foot are the same size. Sadly, people notice this. On the weekends, I wear no makeup at all. I go out around town and I look AWFUL. I used to really be self conscious about it but now I don’t care. I have these Juicy Couture sweats and I totally love them and the pocket tore so I safety pinned back on. No makeup, those sweats, and a pajama top are really classy!!

    • Haha, the most important thing is that you’re comfortable. I have these loose fitting jeans with atrocious holes at the knees, but I still wear them because no one is going to stop me

  2. I have never put a single drop of dye into my hair and it’s something I toy with the idea of just doing at some stage.. especially during the summer. I admire people who are gutsy enough to just go for it!

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