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I Know Who A Is on Pretty Little Liars–The Costume Department!

Afternoon, PLL fans. I make no secret of my latest obsession. In honor of Pretty Little Liars returning to TV tonight (at least for us Americans), I’ve decided to share my own theory of who A is. Yes, you’ve heard right, the costume department. Does this sound crazy? Let’s examine the evidence.

They Killed Bethany Young
A very popular theory on the interwebz, is that Bethany Young was killed by someone who mistook her for Alison. At the very least (if we believe Melissa Hastings) she was buried alive because she was mistaken for Ali. Why was she mistaken for Alison? She was a blonde wearing a yellow top. And who put her in that yellow top? The defense rests.

Alas, poor Bethany. Her clothing choices shone too bright

Marlene King Has Hinted It Herself
Sure, it may look like the hints above point out Aria, but I offer a different interpretation. She is hinting about Aria’s clothes. Ahem.

Is this clue about Aria or Aria’s top. Clearly girlfriend is not dressing herself.

The Costume Department Loves to Torture the Girls.
I’ll just leave these right here.

These pants look like Cruella DeVille’s hair

Who did this to you, girlfriend?

Thanks for reading. If you watch Pretty Little Liars who do you really think A is? What are some of the worst fashion moments on PLL? Who is the best dressed liar? Let me know in the comments below. Kisses

*All pictures from Google

30 thoughts on “I Know Who A Is on Pretty Little Liars–The Costume Department!

  1. I have no idea who can be A but I’m hope it blows my mind when they do reveal it. I mean all these years and adrenaline should be worth something. I’m usually not a fan of Arias costumes. I can’t wait to watch today’s episode. 😀
    Hajara | Chocolatefrosst Xx

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