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Urban Decay is Overdoing the Naked Palette– And I Love It

If you are as obsessed with Urban Decay’s Naked palettes as I am, you will have already heard that there is a new one coming out this summer, Naked Smoky, featuring some seriously enviable deeper, darker tones. Beauty lovers rejoice!

Me right now

But wait a minute! The big selling point with the Naked palettes have always been that they are suitable for a natural, every day look. Isn’t a smoky eye palette kinda the opposite of that?

Furthermore, Urban Decay already made a smoky eye palette, although not under the coveted Naked line. Why make another one and call it a Naked palette? Is this just a clever marketing ploy?



Whether it is or not, there are some sad facts of life. Yes, this palette is more appealing to me than UD’s Smoked palette. Am I a sucker for branding? A victim of a compulsive need to buy all the Naked eyeshadow palettes? I don’t know, but I’m really excited for when this hits stores.

Are you going to pick this one up? Let me know in the comments below!

54 thoughts on “Urban Decay is Overdoing the Naked Palette– And I Love It

  1. I’m resisting this one to be honest. I’m scared they’re going to come out with 3 versions of it that I’ll feel like I need to have too! But I am looking forward to seeing more reviews on it, if you pick if it up I can wait to hear your thoughts!

  2. I’ve seen some negative reviews about the formula not being the same as previous Naked palettes. I also already own Naked 1 and 2, so I’m thinking about skipping this one!

    • I saw some too, but I want to reserve judgment until I swatch it myself in store. I hope UD isn’t just trading off their name on this one

      • Oh, interesting. I have barely seen so much as a swatch yet. Youtube is playing that “heeeyyyaaaah” commercial every other video, though.

  3. Will probably get this, I am also a sucker for the Naked palette line. Also, it looks very wearable. πŸ™‚

  4. I wasn’t going to buy this. But every time I see it I edge a bit closer to wanting it… I keep thinking it’s the same as the smoked… But it’s not. It’s SO DIFFERENT!

  5. I really love the look of this palette though I think I will wait to buy and wait for all of the excitement to die down for a bit. I really want to start with the first naked palette as the first one that I get and then go in order buying them. Must be the little OCD in me lol. Are you going to pick this one up? πŸ™‚

  6. Yessss I’m so getting it and yes it’s probably because of my eyeshadow hoarding needs! Haha. swatches I’ve seen online look beautiful though so I can’t wait.

  7. Is this just a gimmick? Probably. Do I care? NO! I have the Nakeds 1 and 3 and honestly, could do without the 1st because the colors were too shimmery for my everyday taste. But for a smoky going-out look, I tend to want more drama so I’m excited to hear reviews about this palette to see if my expectations match the reality.

  8. I’m a complete sucker but I am just not sure…it would be so great to have ALL of them, but ugh. I *do* have Smoked. And I wear Mushroom all the time and it looks like there’s a dupe in there. WHY. Why do I want it….whhhhhyyyyyyy.

  9. Do you get that feeling when you seriously want something that you even dream about them in your sleep? Hahaha. this is this kind of feeling. and I’m still hoping to purchase all naked palettes. (I only have 3 and the naked basic 2 as of the moment.)

    • Hey, those are exactly the ones I have as well! I’m always disappointed when I dream I have something and then I don’t.

  10. I am so tempted to buy this product, as I am already on the wait list for the preorder, but for me the issue is that some of the shadows are so shimmery, and I wonder if another brand will be doing a better smokey eye palette. Unfortunately, I am an Urban Decay eyeshadow junkie, and I own all of the naked palettes. Clearly I have a problem, but in my defense I use all three of them all the time. I still haven’t bought the naked basics palettes but my beauty guru friend in Georgia (I’m convincing her to start a blog since she is the one I go to about makeup products) said that they are absolutely AMAZING.

    • I have the second basics palette and I use it probably the most out of any of my palettes, even though it has less colors. The pigmentation is phenomenal and matte is perfect for every day. I’m there with you on wondering if the Naked Smoky will be too shimmery, but from the swatches I’ve seen, it looks nice so far

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