The Love/Hate Tag

Happy Wednesday! So if you’ve been following, you’ll know that I recently moved. I’ve yet to unpack all my boxes, which means I haven’t found my camera cord to upload photos, which means some blog posts will have to wait. In the meantime, please enjoy reading about my loves and hates.

10 Things I Love

  1. The sound of kitties purring
  2. Hanging out at the beach
  3. Reading by the pool
  4. When you find avocados that are perfectly ripe
  5. When you find a new blog you really love
  6. When you try a new makeup look and it comes out on point
  7. When you nail your selfie on the first try
  8. When you try a new recipe and don’t mess it up
  9. Hitting all green lights
  10. Finding the thing you want on sale and in your size

10 Things I Hate

  1. People who invite themselves to your wedding
  2. People who invite other people to your wedding
  3. Finding a new grey hair
  4. Forgetting about your tea until it gets too cold to drink 😦
  5. When you pack your shampoo and conditioner for vacation and it leaks
  6. Unpacking in general
  7. When you think a lipstick color is completely gorgeous, but it’s not flattering on you
  8. When all the radio stations decide to play commercials at the same time
  9. Mushy avocados
  10. When the milk goes bad. UGH, hate so much!!!

So that’s it for my loves and hates. Hope you enjoyed. Will get some new posts up as soon as I get on this unpacking thing.

34 thoughts on “The Love/Hate Tag

  1. Great Love/Hate Tag post! I enjoyed reading it. I have a kitty so especially love the sound of kitties purring πŸ™‚ Looking forward to your future posts and congrats on your move. xo

      • Yes! I was feeling a bit lonely today and then my kitty comes up and just starts purring away πŸ™‚

      • Aww, how sweet. I think they have a sixth sense for when we’re feeling down. Hope all is well with you, love

      • Yeah she is a sweetheart. I think she knows too. Especially when I have pain she comforts me. I am doing pretty good though lately thank you. I hope all is well with you too! ❀ ❀

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