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Makeup Challenge Day 3: Glowing Skin

Welcome back again! If you missed the first two days of this challenge, start with my red lip post here. Today’s post was all about glowing skin. If you’ve been following this challenge carefully, you’ll know that today’s look was supposed to be Sweet Cheeks, but my blog, my rules, right? For this look, I wanted to do something reminiscent of what I would normally wear to work, plus a little (or a lot of) highlight.

Challenge Glowing Skin

First things first. Highlight/shimmer is hard to capture on film. I layered a white highlighter I got from NYC over my Too Faced Inner Light highlighter and this is what I got. It was much more shimmery in person. I kept my eyes soft and neutral with brown and beige eyeshadows and a touch of liner. For my lips, I used my go to pink nude color. Since I had decided at this point to bring as much attention to my cheeks as possible, I also dusted on a little of Too Faced’s Papa Don’t Peach blush. Maybe it’s just because I’m pale but a little of that blush goes a long way for me.

Challenge Glowy Skin Highlight

Products Used: 

  • Too Faced Inner Light as highlight
  • NYC highlight shade from Coney Island Glow version of Sun ‘n’ Bronze palette
  • Too Faced blush in Papa Don’t Peach
  • Urban Decay Basics 2 palette
  • OCC lip tar in Hush

So there you have it. Tomorrow, I will finish off the week with a look using only one eyeshadow. What do you think? What are your favorite highlight shades? Where do you like to highlight, if not just your cheekbones like me? Let me know in the comments below!

Now that I’ve finished the challenge, have a look at my other looks!

Picture 12

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