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Makeup Challenge Day 6: Vampy Lips

Happy Tuesday! I can’t believe we are this far into the challenge. I know it’s only two weeks, but these two weeks are flying by. Today’s look was supposed to be all about dark, glossy lips, but I cheated a little by going just dark. Hey, that’s a challenge enough, right? I’m going to show my hand here: this look is the one that pushed me the most out of my comfort zone and the one I like the most of this entire challenge.

Challenge Dark Lips 3

A few things usually happen when I wear dark lips: 1. I feel like Lorde and 2. I feel like I look very formal. Like I need an excuse to wear dark lips. i credit this to being very, very pale with dark hair, which can make dark lips look a little dramatic/goth. Vampy lips are usually a fall/winter look, but you know what I love about wearing them in the summer? I have a tan! With a tan, I feel a little less like edgy Lorde and a little more like sultry bad girl Rihanna. Also because dark lips are less dramatic with a tan, I feel like I can get away with rocking them to less formal occasions. For instance, I wore this look to my friend’s pizza and ice cream party (homemade pizza and ice cream that is– yum!)

Not so scary with dark lips

Not so scary with dark lips

I feel no need to lie about where I got the inspiration for this look. Youtuber Kait Nichole did a similar look based on Chrissy Teigen’s makeup. I’ve been waiting a while to find a way to wear this look.

Feelin my look, but definitely not intimidating anyone

Feelin my look, but definitely not intimidating anyone

Products Used:

  • Naked Basics 2
  • Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer
  • Wet n Wild Megalast Lip Color in Cherry Bomb

So what do you think? Do you like this look? Do you wear dark lips in the summer or just autumn and winter? And if you like vampy lips too, what’s your favorite lip color? Let me know in the comments below and have a fantastic week!

Now that I’ve finished the challenge, have a look at my other looks!

Picture 12

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59 thoughts on “Makeup Challenge Day 6: Vampy Lips

  1. I love how this looks on you! The slight eyeliner really makes it. I recognized that lipstick, haha. I normally wear dark reds in Fall/Winter, but I get bored sticking with one colour all the time, so even in Summer I’ll wear it every now and then. I’m not big on black or dark purple, but I do love rich, dark reds.

      • I completely agree. And on my lips at least, they are drying. They’re not really every day colors for me for that reason, but I’ll gladly by a few for the lip colors I’m only going to wear every few months or so

      • Oh really? That’s awful. =( I’ve actually been wearing Just Peachy as an everyday colour for awhile. I agree with that, though!

  2. Love the faces! You are totally ruining the moody / mysterious look with that last face, lol
    You definitely suit the vampy lips. If I did that, I’d get a LOT of comments since I am normally a tinted lip balm or just clear lip balm on my lips!
    Glossy AND vampy lips would involve WAY too much upkeep / touch-ups every 10 minutes!

    • Haha, I felt a little too serious with the straight faced selfies. I got some comments as I’m not normally a dark lip girl, but I really liked the overall effect

    • Thanks. Yes, it’s much more berry than it looks at first glance. I thought it was just a dark red, but it has a lot of purple undertones

  3. The first thing is I cant wear lipstick and i dont like it on myself but I loooove it on others. I’m a coloured lipbrush, lip gloss etc kinda girl.But back to the subject at hand, I’d totally wear a vamp/dark lippy on a balmy summer’s night and think the look really suits you- makes your eyes POP!

    • Thanks so much! I totally get being more of a lip gloss/stain person. The more I get into lip products, the more I’m drifting away from traditional lipstick

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