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Makeup Challenge Day 8: Touch of Purple

Welcome back, and let’s keep it going with Day 8 of my makeup challenge! At the end of this challenge, I will post a summary of all the looks for people who are interested. Today’s look was all about purple.

Challenge Purple

Purple is a beautiful, versatile color for every day wear. Muted or red toned purple eyeshadows are great for a day to day eye look and purple lipstick is slowly, but steadily becoming mainstream. Since I frequently wear a bit of purple eyeshadow to work, I thought for the purposes of this challenge I would be a little daring and try a purple that was slightly brighter and more fun. I still wanted to wear this out during the day though, so I towed the line by skipping the white base, which would have really made the eyeshadow pop. For a review of how white base can make your eyeshadow, more vibrant, read my previous post here.

Challenge Purple 2

Usually, when I wear purple eyeshadow, I tend to mix a little neutral shadow in with it, even if it’s only a beige highlight on my brow bone. For this look however, I went full purple. I used a lilac on my lid, a brighter purple in my crease and a shimmery whitish purple on my brow bone. The eyeshadow came from an Avon eyeshadow trio that is no longer available (sorry)! But don’t despair, there are plenty of bright purples out there if you look. Keeping with the fun theme of my look, I used a lip color slightly brighter than my usual. This was Nyx Butter Gloss in Peaches and Cream, which I reviewed way back when.

Challenge Purple 3

So that’s it for the finish look. How do you rock a purple eye look? And are there any purple eyeshadows you think I should try? Let me know in the comments below and thank you so much for reading!

Now that I’ve finished the challenge, have a look at my other looks!

Picture 12

  1. Red Lips
  2. Gilded Lids
  3. Glowing Skin
  4. One Eyeshadow
  5. Retro Liner
  6. Vampy Lips
  7. Smoked Liner
  8. Touch of Purple
  9. Shimmer and Sparkle
  10. Sweet Cheeks

32 thoughts on “Makeup Challenge Day 8: Touch of Purple

  1. Looks beautiful to me! Very subtle and classy. I love that first picture, your eyeliner and pink lipstick really dresses up the eyeshadow while still looking fun. I’m afraid that I pretty much never wear purple eyeshadow. Purple, red, and pink are the only shades I’d never wear on my eyes. I always am reminded too much of looking like I’ve been punched, or have pink eye. =P

    • Haha, oh no! I was scared of pink eyeshadow for a while too for that reason, but lately I’ve been playing around with it and like it Still not sure about red though. Don’t think I’d ever go that far

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  3. Your colouring really suit purple! Great look! 😊 I normally mix neutrals with purple too – I never go “full purple”! πŸ’œ Purple is probably the safest colour for me after neutrals. MAC’s Beautiful Iris is quite lovely – I like wearing it in my inner lids.

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