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Makeup Challenge Day 9: Shimmer and Sparkle

Happy Friday and thanks for joining me as I wrap up the second week of the the makeup challenge. Since I collaborated with Kaily last week, it threw off my makeup challenge by one day. Therefore, I’ll be finishing up the entire challenge on Monday with the day I skipped: sweet cheeks. I want to thank everyone who has been following the challenge. If you decide to do the challenge yourself, please tag me, or send me a link to your posts in the comments because I’d love to see what you come up with. Now onto today’s challenge: shimmer and sparkle.

Shimmer Sparkle

I originally planned a darker look, but I needed to photograph this in the day time (better lighting, #bloggerproblems), so I switched up the look with lighter colors to make it more daytime appropriate. Shimmer and sparkle can skew a little too nighttime on their own without darker colors. Instead, I used the two lightest colors from an old Almay smoky eye palette for blue eyes. The lightest color was a shimmery silver white, which I used on my brow bone and all over my lid. The other color was a slightly darker silver that I dusted into my crease.

Shimmer and Sparkle

I thought the look would be a little funner if I added a touch of blue. I used a bright blue from my elf Little Black Book palette on the upper and lower lash line. Then, as you’ll notice, the challenge says “sparkle” so I broke out my glitter. I used this blue glitter that I got from Wet n Wild last year on the outer corner of my lower lash line. If there’s one thing I’ve learned while doing makeup it’s that if you’re unsure of where to apply a color or glitter, try the lower lash line. It’s usually a safe bet. One thing I have say about this glitter is that it gets everywhere. With the way it covered my face, my arms, my fiance’s face, I was pretty surprised that there was still a substantial amount left on my lash line at the end of the day. I had slightly better luck using a glitter eyeliner. I used a silver glitter eyeliner from Sephora just on the inner half of my lower lash line and that stayed in place pretty well. Here’s a close up, since the eye look is hard to see in the full face pictures.

Challenge Shimmer and Sparkle

To finish the look up, I used a lipgloss from Givenchy, which has a subtle amount of sparkle to it.

So what do you think? Do you like this look? Is shimmer and sparkle something you’d rock in the daytime or does it scream nighttime to you as well? Let me know in the comments below and have a fantastic weekend!

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Picture 12

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33 thoughts on “Makeup Challenge Day 9: Shimmer and Sparkle

  1. This is so pretty, I love this look! It’s probably my favourite after your retro liner look. I’m actually wearing shimmer right now, and it’s 8 am, so. :9 I love the earrings you matched with it. ❤ Can't wait to see sweet cheeks.

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