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Que Bella Cherry and Apricot Exfoliator Review

Happy Friday, babes! I’ve been feeling a little under the weather the last few weeks. I wasn’t bedridden, but I was sluggish and oddly, my skin, hair, lips, everything felt parched. Now that I’m feeling better, I thought it was time to do away with this dryness, so I turned to what else, an exfoliator. Today I will be reviewing Que Bella’s Cherry and Apricot Exfoliator. Enjoy!

que bella cherry apricot exfoliator

What It Claims: According to Que Bella’s website, the Cherry and Apricot Exfoliator claims to “remove make up, dead skin cells and impurities to reveal the fresh, glowing skin below. Your skin is left feeling renewed and revitalized”

What It Does: True to the claim, after using this my skin felt soft and smooth. My skin was also slightly more hydrated than after using my normal cleanser.

Application: The texture of this, is in my opinion, absolutely perfect for an exfoliator. You know how some exfoliators are so rough and abrasive that you feel like you’re scrubbing your whole face off? And others are so smooth and gentle that you question whether you’re actually exfoliating at all? This one strikes a happy balance between these two extremes. It’s comparable to St. Ives cult classic Apricot Scrub. Que Bella’s exfoliating beads are ever so slightly softer and sit in a gel base.

Packaging: My only complaint on this one is the packaging. This comes in a single use, non-reseable packet and I couldn’t find it in a tube. The problem is that there are at least a few applications worth of product in the “single use” packet, but the design of the packaging makes it difficult to store.

Price: Will depend where you buy it, but this usually runs about $2 at Target

Cruelty-Free: Yes, but please see my note in the cruelty-free section of my last Que Bella review

So what do you think? Will you try this product? What is your go to exfoliator? Let me know in the comments below

*Product sent for consideration

9 thoughts on “Que Bella Cherry and Apricot Exfoliator Review

  1. Mmmm, cherry apricot sounds yummy. Hey, just an FYI, you may want to try storing the leftovers in a snack size baggie. Enjoy a beautiful weekend, Vanessa! ❤

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