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Worth the Hype? Coconut Oil

Happy Hump Day! If you’ve been reading the blogging world for a while, you’ll notice that coconut oil gets a lot of attention for being a natural moisturizer, as well as a great way to remove makeup. So knowing this, I had to put this information to the test. To see what I think, keep reading.

Coconut Oil

As A Moisturizer: I’ll tackle this one first because it’s what coconut oil is most hyped for. As someone with acne-prone skin, there is nothing more terrifying than the thought of putting oil on it. Acne and oil historically do not mix. However, I was assured that coconut oil has antibacterial properties that make it okay to use on the skin, so I took the plunge. Here are my main findings:

  • Is a medium moisturizer. Would not consider this to be a deep moisturizer, although it borders on one
  • Once the oil soaks in, it feels lovely on the skin. However, it takes a while to soak in
  • Leaves skin far too shiny to go out in public in. Best used as an overnight moisturizer.
  • Despite being antibacterial, this did clog my pores if I used it too many days in a row
  • VERDICT: Nice, but I’ll stick to my store bought moisturizer for every day use

As a Makeup Remover: Coconut oil can also be great at breaking down cosmetics. Just use a little on your face and swab away with a cotton pad. Observations:

  • Easily takes out heavy eye makeup and eye makeup primer without any harsh scrubbing. I would say it’s worth it just for that but…
  • …it also works fabulously on lipstick. Not only does it completely wipe the lipstick off, but it leaves your lips so so soft.
  • It can, however, be a little bothersome if you get any in your eye. It doesn’t burn, but it is irritating, so be careful
  • VERDICT: If you only buy it to remove makeup, it would be worth it! I bought 14 oz at Target for only $6.00, which is a much better price than other makeup removers on the market and it works better too.

So what are your thoughts? Do you have any other beauty uses for coconut oil? Let me know in the comments below.

59 thoughts on “Worth the Hype? Coconut Oil

    • Lips feel super soft. As for my face, I have acne prone skin, so I use a cleanser for acne prone skin afterwards, so I can’t tell you how that feels

  1. Great topic! I use it as a deep conditioner for my hair – although I do cut it with my regular conditioner to make it easier to wash out. I also mix loose shadow or blush pigments (ones that are lip safe) to make my own custom colored lip glosses / lipstick. Because it melts so easily, it’s easy to get the pigment incorporated but when it firms up, it becomes spreadable with a small lip brush or doe foot applicator. I like it for a body moisturizer because it’s fragrance free and won’t compete with whatever fragrance I feel like wearing that day. I DO love me some coconut oil! Too bad it usually comes in glass jars… I have to transfer it over to plastic to keep in the bathroom.

  2. Lovely article 🙂 In India Coconut oil is a favorite especially during winters, you apply coconut oil all over your body and let it soak for 10-15 minutes and take a hot water bath! Your skin will be super soft and moisturized 🙂

  3. I bought a jar to use for my hair but have yet to try it – I feel like it’s going to get messy! Also, I heard that it’s supposed to be good for underarm deodorant?!! Hmm not sure about that… and I’m scared to try it out right now with our heat wave!

  4. I used it after my night showers on my body right before bed.. it feels amazing and it does moisturize. I have to agree with you about applying to your face during the day, It seems extremelly shiny to use other makeup or go out in public. I will recomend during the day only if you are going to the beach. If you mix coconut oil with your sunblock really gives your skin the hydration and protection it needs : ) great post!

  5. I tried some recently as conditioner and it’s pretty good, works better as a hair mask, though it does have that smell of coconut following you round for ages. The pot I bought wasn’t pure as it had a bit of perfume in it but it worked well as a body moisturiser, I didn’t want to risk it on my face as I have acne prone skin too and the thought of oil on it scares me. I might give it a go some time when I’m feeling brave though.

    • If you try it on your face, let me know what you think. I use it from time to time at night. It hasn’t broken me out, but I think my pores look a little clogged after a week or so of continued use so I stopped.

  6. Thank you for making coconut oil a star today…. I wrote many posts on coconut oil too…because I use it all the time….I am even extracting the oil myself from fresh coconuts ( easy for me….coconuts are everywhere on my little island 🙂 ). Indeed if your skin is not used to, the time to find the right sebum balance, you can find it challenging….just check on your usual cosmetics….day cream…complexion cream….serums…if they don’t contain silicon….silicon will cover up the oil…with a ” plastic film/coating) . This is often the issue…. And true…this is better to use it as a night mask…why not using Abyssinian oil or rose hip oil for the day…as a serum, these oils present very tiny and light molecules…penetrating fast… And to come back to coconut, sure it contains Laurie acid, an anti bacterial fatty acid….which is proved to be a real booster for the immune system….congrats for your post…. I looooove it!!!

    • Thanks so much! I read about all the cool things you do with coconut oil and natural ingredients on your blog, but it’s taken me a while to do something. Baby steps.

  7. It also works as a great sunblock. We use it in the summer on the beach. Doesn’t it make sense? People living near the beach 780 years ago needed sunblock too and could just press the oil from a coconut to protect themselves. It’s great under 100% Pure’s liquid foundation. I think it’s good for brunettes but a little greasy for blonde hair. You are right on target saying it irritates the eyes!

  8. I use it from time to time on my hair – I asked my boyfriend who is Indian about the secret for their beautiful thick hair and he said i was from massaging the coconut oil on the scalp, leaving it on for the night and then washing hair in the morning.
    I love oils as makeup removers too! I’m using The Body Shop Camomile one.

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  10. I almost bought some at Target tonight! It was like 11.00 though. I can’t remember the brand. I was thinking about makeup remover and a few DIY lip scrubs or something. I didn’t buy it though and I kind of regret it now.

    • You can always pick it up later if you feel like you missed out. I’m not sure if I got it while it was on sale or if it was because I got Target brand, but I think for me it only costed about $6

  11. Yep I’m a massive fan of coconut oil…more so as a hair moisturiser than anything else. The problem with having thick curly hair is that you can over judge the amount of product your hair needs to be fully moisturised so I made the mistake of putting too much in my hair the first ever time I used it and it was dripping down my face….obviously coconut oil is also good as a makeup remover so you can imagine what they did for me the minute I got into work. So embarrassing lol! Great article x

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