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Ranking the Pretty Little Liars’ Prom Looks

Hello everyone. In honor of last night’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, I decided to rank their prom looks from worst to best (although to be honest, everyone looked pretty snazzy to me). I know not everyone who reads this blog is a huge fan of PLL, but I hope everyone can enjoy looking at fancy clothes and makeup, right? Let’s get started.

5. Aria.

Sorry, Aria. I really love her dress. Aria’s character takes a lot of risks with fashion and I think this one turned out pretty. The pattern isn’t overwhelming and the textured detail on top is a nice touch. Basically, the only reason I dislike this is her hair. I know shorter hair can be hard to style, but doing a look that was either pinned back or loosely curled like last week would have looked much more formal and gone better with the dress. The red bow is just a little too cutesy.


4. Spencer.

Spencer looks so graceful. Her dress is simple and elegant and fits her like a glove. Even though you can’t see it in this picture, she has a beautiful headband to dress up her waves. Even though I love her look, I like that the other girls went above and beyond their every day hair and makeup for prom.


3. Emily.

Let it not be a secret that I have the hugest girl crush on Shay Mitchell. Going for a long sleeved, patterned dress was different and daring. The fact that she also seems to be wearing a small tiara is perfectly high school. Plus you know I can’t resist a smokey eye.


2. Hanna 

Everything about this works. Almost. There is so much I love about this. I love how the gold and cream looks against her skin and I love that she actually pulled off a halo braid. I love that she makes raccoon eyes work for her and I love how pouty her lips look with a nude lipstick. I really, really love this look. Except for one thing: those shoes! Who told you that you could wear boots with an evening gown? They don’t even look comfortable.

1. Ali

I’m a little biased toward Ali’s dress because it actually looks similar to something people my age would have worn to prom and I’m guessing something that girls today would wear too. It seems like classic prom style. Although it’s hard to say what’s in fashion in this show since these girls are perpetually stuck in 2012. The picture of this dress doesn’t do it justice. The top part is completely beaded and is absolutely beautiful when it catches the light. What really puts this look over the top for me is the hair and makeup. Yes, I have a soft spot for retro curls. I also love that Alison chose to emphasize both her eyes and lips, using a red lipstick and heavy black, cat eyeliner. A lot of people say you have to choose to focus on one or the other, but Ali shows that you can do both and especially in this episode’s lighting, the results are gorgeous.

So what’s your favorite look from the episode? Let me know in the comments below and check out the time I did my makeup like Ali, Hanna, and Aria. Also, you can see my real prom dress, which isn’t as spectacular as any of these girls’.

21 thoughts on “Ranking the Pretty Little Liars’ Prom Looks

  1. I’ve never watched this show but I need to sometime and start watching episodes online from the beginning. 🙂

    • It gets addicting! The premiere isn’t too interesting in my opinion, but you get really wrapped up in the theorizing after that

      • Well when I start my binge watching of shows hopefully this fall this will be one that I want to watch lol.

  2. Even though I stopped watching after season 3, I still love their makeup and outfits and who doesn’t have crush on Shay Mitchell?? lol Love this post and agree with you a 100%

  3. Aria’s dress looks like something a decent girl would wear. Ali’s is a little Wonder Womanish but okay. Spencer’s is the loveliest but not for a seventeen-year-old; this would look amazing on Angelina Jolie. Emily’s is next though so so dark and too much cleavage. Hannah’s is the look for anyone looking to get…well let’s just say sometimes after prom is what girls look most forward to; they took what could be a pretty design and make it look sleazy.

  4. I LOVED this post. I’m so obsessed with PLL. I haven’t actually watched the episode yet (oops) but I think my favourite would be Hanna’s dress, and I completely agree with you about the boots! xx

  5. I love that show! I was thinking just about the same order too! Aria’s headband and hair just messed up the entire outfit and I feel the same way about Hanna’s shoes! Alli looked stunning though! I looked back at your prom picture and you looked so pretty at prom, wish I could see your dress better!

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