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Healthy Eating for College (And Life!)

As much as I absolutely hate when back to school ads start invading the TV screen mid -July, I have to admit, back to school season is now upon us. I’ve been wanting to make a post on my healthy eating tips since I published this first post around New Year’s. Today’s post will feature some of my healthy eating tips with a special focus on college. Hope you enjoy!

Sign Up For the Unlimited Meal Plan: As much as it sounds counterintuitive, signing up for the unlimited meal plan can actually help you lose weight. Most colleges offer meal plans that are a combination of meals at a dining hall and money toward snack places. The more money that goes to meals at the dining hall, the less that goes to snack places. And you know what’s better for you. Which brings me to my next point.

Resist the Urge to Keep Snacks in Your Dorm: If you live in a dorm, you have a unique opportunity to cut back on your snack intake. You can buy a box of cookies, or you could have one cookie in the dining hall with lunch. You’re still eating the snacks you like (in the dining hall) but likely less and likely less mindless snacking as well.

Make a Game Plan: This applies to my ladies who aren’t in college or who commute. It’s easy to see all the food available to you and think “I want it all!” You can still have everything you want, if you do it in moderation. For instance, my two downfalls are sweets and sugary beverages. I had to remind myself that eating the cheesecake and the brownie and the cookies and two glasses of Coke was a little excessive at each meal. My game plan was to limit myself to one dessert and one non-water drink per day my last year of dorm living and I dropped between 15-20 lbs in one semester!

Grab a Gym Buddy: This applies to my non-college women too, but it’s especially easy for college women. Many campuses have work-out facilities available to students for no additional charge. Take advantage– you’re already paying for tuition!

Downsize Your Drinking: Again, this applies to everyone, but especially college women. If you go away to school for college, you will probably be faced with multiple invites for such culturally enriching events as Wasted Wednesdays and Thirsty Thursdays. But listen guys, alcohol is a lot of calories. I heard a commercial for a diet beer that was 100 calories per serving. 100 calories?! To put this in perspective a regular, non-diet soda is 100 calories. If you’re drinking a non-diet beer or sugary mixed drink, it’s not much of a stretch to say you could be consuming a few hundred to a thousand extra calories every time you drink. Doing that multiple times a week every week can catch up to you. Save the drinking the weekend.

So those are my tips for healthy eating in college? What are yours? Who’s headed out to college this fall? Let me know in the comments below!

7 thoughts on “Healthy Eating for College (And Life!)

  1. Very important tips! I’ve started a lot of initiatives at my library to help students eat healthier, like a cookbook collection aimed at university students, a giveaway of kitchen starter baskets, and free cooking classes all to encourage students to try cooking sometimes instead of eating out. We also give away free healthy snacks during exams. It’s hard to eat healthy as a student. Hopefully they’ll follow your suggestions!

    • That’s awesome! I think a lot of people are intimidated at the thought of healthy eating, thinking it’s all spinach and quinoa, when really small things like eating in instead of going out all the time and cutting back on the snacks makes a huge difference

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