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Ranking The Pretty Little Liars’ Ice Ball Looks

Happy Tuesday, or as I like to call it, “Tuesday of Answers.” Today is the day, if you are a Pretty Little Liars fan that we finally find out who Charles/A is (hopefully. I feel like I’ve heard this one before). In honor of the event, I’ve decided to count down my favorite looks from what is in my opinion, the Liars’ best dressed event. This is from the season 5 Christmas special, “How the A Stole Christmas.” I absolutely loved all of these looks and would wear any of them, so really I should make this a five way tie. But hey, lists are more fun. To see how the girls’ looks ranked, keep reading!

alison dilaurentis how the a stole christmas

5. Alison

This is kind of ironic. This was the first look I saw from the episode in previews and it made me want to watch the episode just to see what everyone else was wearing. But when I saw what everyone else was wearing– wow, they all looked so spectacular! This should give you an idea of how this list will go since I love the look I ranked lowest. Even though the look may look tame, there are a lot of elements here that not everyone can pull off– uber pale pink lips, rhinestones around the eyes, late eighties/early nineties vibes on the dress. The way all these elements come together look fantastic on her.

4. Aria

This dress is so pretty. The silhouette reminds me of the one on this dress that I own. A lot of times, the costume department puts Aria in these big, poofy dresses that overwhelm her small frame. I like that they struck the right balance here by keeping the skirt knee length and the top simple so it’s not too much. It looks great on her and I love the flower petal details on the skirt.

hanna how the a stole christmas

3. Hanna

I like how simple Hanna kept this. The dress is so elegant that it could honestly be someone’s wedding gown. I love that she went for a dress without any sparkle, but jazzed it up with a big, statement necklace. Again, because she’s so beautiful, she doesn’t have to do much and the simple hair and makeup look much more elegant than her character usually does. I am plotting how I could get this dress and where I would wear it to.

2. Emily

Emily looks so happy to finally be allowed out of her casual wear. Although something about the fit of the top of this dress seems off to me (maybe it needs a little more coverage?) the dress itself is beautiful. I like the subtle detailing and the sparkle really works for this type of event. The lines on this dress really elongate the frame and give the illusion of more curves. This reminds me of Herve Leger’s bandage dresses, but as an evening dress. I also love that she went a little retro with the hair.

1. Spencer

The more I look at Spencer’s dress, the more I absolutely love it. The beading is to die for. I love that the cut gives a vague 1920/early thirties vibe. The flowiness sorta reminds me of Keira Knightley’s green dress in Atonement. It’s definitely not a dress that everyone could pull off, but Spencer has that tall, slender frame that makes it work. I also love that she finished if off with a darker, vampier lip. Spencer doesn’t wear much makeup in the show, so it’s nice to see her do something a little different.

So what do you think? Did you watch this episode and if so, what was your favorite look? Let me know in the comments below and tell me who you think A is before the finale.

39 thoughts on “Ranking The Pretty Little Liars’ Ice Ball Looks

  1. spencer’s is my favorite too! i stopped watching pretty little liars two years ago because i thought it stopped making sense but the fashion has always been great!! 😉
    instagram: the_ch1ara

  2. We’ll see what happens tonight! In my opinion, it has to be Wren… only thing that really makes sense to me. Unless Jason is completely insane.

    • I agree, although I’d love if Cece were involved in some capacity. We know she checked herself into Radley before under Alison’s name. Between that and also wearing a yellow top that night, I think she has to be involved with whatever happened to Bethany Young somehow.

      • Oh yeah I forgot about that! I have some feeling that Melissa is involved somehow too. She’s been sketchy from the start. And don’t even get me started on how weirded out I am by Sara Harvey…

      • I don’t trust either of them one inch. Especially Sara Harvey. To be honest, I kinda hope she’s involved because otherwise she would have had no purpose this season other than to kill air time.

      • Haha! Omg, well we were both (kinda) on the right track. I personally didn’t like the finale too much. Too many plot holes. What did you think?

      • Even though I was right about her being involved, I hated it. She dated her brother? And there was no real reason for her to torture the girls

      • Same. It was truly awful. So many plotholes. Also, why the hell would Sara help her and waste years of her life torturing them? I have a feeling that A was Wren and they changed it last minute because there was that “spoiler” going around… so lame PLL.

      • Seriously! What bothers me is that there are really no clues to point to her being A. She used to dress like Ali and I thought we once found out that she snuck into Radley under Ali’s name. My original theory was that she was pretending to be Ali when she met Bethany and wrote those letters to Bethany pretending to be Ali. But clearly that never happened, and I don’t know what hints we ever had that she was Ali’s sister.

  3. I’m definitely looking forward to tonight’s episode! We better get some solid answers on Charles and his role in the A game!!!
    I liked Spencer’s look the best. I thought that the dress and makeup were so complimentary to her, but I think that Ali’s dress brought the most drama. Especially in the scenes where she’s running from Charles at the ball.

    • I really like how they do the makeup on the show to match the lighting, if that makes sense? Like the cool pink in Alison’s blush and lips matches the bluer lighting

  4. I actually love Allison’s dress. It’s very sexy (I’m not a fan of the rhinestones on the face). I just looked at the dresses only. I’m not into Hanna’s – I think it looks kind of like granny’s tablecloth. =(

    I like the dress on Emily but you are right, the fit it WEIRD. Couldn’t they have fixed that? Spencer’s dress is pretty but doesn’t show any curves. I definitely like a dress with more form fitting areas but if someone isn’t curvy at all, it’s a dress I would pick.

  5. Such a gorgeous selections of gowns V, love them all but I have to say Spencer’s is so nostalgic looking – love the cut, so 1920’s chic 🙂 Beautiful!!! Karen xo

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