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Need YOUR Help: What Makeup Should I Do?

Hello beauties. The blogging community really is the best one, which is why I know that I can count on you. In June, I did a 10 Day Makeup Challenge Series, in which I created 10 looks based around a makeup product or technique. Some of you have requested that I do another challenge, with 10 fresh looks, which I would be really excited to do.

From the first challenge

From the first challenge

My question is: what is some of the makeup you’d like to see? I’d love it if your suggestions left room for some creative license as in the first challenge, i.e.-red lips, sweet cheeks, smoked liner. I have some ideas of my own, but I’d love to hear yours and if I use your idea, I’ll be sure to give you a shout out.

So what looks would you like to see? Let me know in the comments below!


72 thoughts on “Need YOUR Help: What Makeup Should I Do?

  1. May I ask…why is it that woman love using make up?..

    I’m a guy and love the natural look on a woman, the less makeup, the more attractive she is…so I’m puzzled why women like using make up when their natural beauty is more attractive. can you shed some womanly wisdom on this issue?

    • Because it’s fun to try different looks, the “natural” look is something most of us do on an every day basis and I don’t mind guys not hitting on me. Hope that covers it ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Another girl here! V pretty much covered it. As a married woman, I wear makeup because I like to. I like playing with it and creating different looks. My husband prefers a natural look too so sometimes I’ll do something more natural for him but at the end of the day makeup is not about him or you or any other guy… it’s about me and what I like ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope that helps too! Think of it as the female version of video games or sports!

    • Makeup is a way of expressing your mood with different colors and styles! It’s fun to change the shapes of your features instead of looking exactly the same every single day and it’s a way to enhance colors in your eyes or lips or what you wear! It’s creative, fun, and there’s endless palettes and wats to artistically express yourself. I’m to know if you are puzzled or not intrigued by women who love makeup you are out here probing the blogs?

      There’s a lot of articles available on this topic involving studies that discuss cultures, ethnicities, upbringing etc as that all plays a factor into the the use or makeup. But you are on the casual makeup blogs when there are professional articles and studies on the topic where those types of questions are addressed…. That is puzzling to me that you are in these forums asking the question.

      • To Whim:

        Not that you require or deserve an answer, but V has followed my blog and I have followed her blog for some time, and I felt comfortable asking that question to HER, and she replied with a respectful and sufficient answer.

        Per your insinuation that I’m trolling casual makeup blogs and asking this same question..that’s simply not true and unless you have facts to back up that I’m doing so, I would ask that you please refrain from labeling me a blogging troll. —

        Have a nice day! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • So I feel like I should step in before there’s a fight. Obviously, the comments section on the internet isn’t the best place to convey tone. A lot of times when people ask why women wear makeup it isn’t a genuine question so much as a rhetorical one meant to shame women for wearing makeup. Being beauty bloggers, we can be a little sensitive to this, especially when bombarded with tons of posts on the media saying things like men prefer less makeup. Because Irtfyblog has made nice comments in the past, I assumed this was a sincere question. I don’t think anyone meant any harm, but miscommunication is rampant on the internet.

      • thank you, V. I didn’t mean any disrespect by my question and I appreciate your understanding.

        I’m sorry if there was any misunderstanding to you or any readers who may have assumed otherwise.

      • No worries. I knew what you meant and you didn’t phrase it in a rude way at all! It’s just something you don’t realize can be a touchy subject if you’re not a makeup loving woman

      • Personally, irtfyblog, I’m sick and tired of people who insinuate there’s an issue with makeup. Period. You have a question like that ask it in private because it can offend others. Many of us are fed up with being made to feel we aren’t normal because we wear makeup. And we have to justify it to people. It’s like me going into some make forum and asking “Why do you shave?” It’s completely unnatural to do that. See what I mean? Ask makeup questions in an open forum and people think you’re trolling.

        Not that you deserve an answer…..

  2. One that would be cool to see is ‘What eyeshadows compliment which eye colors.” It may be a little hard to have visuals for all the combinations because your eyes are only one color, but you could come up with different make up looks that flatter each different eye color!

    Mind checking out my blog? ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I think a pinup style look would be really gorgeous! Or a look showing smoked liner (like you mentioned above) would be neat. Can’t wait to see what you do!
    Jessica x

  4. This is such a great idea! I’am not even close to being good at make up so I would definitely love it if you could show me how to create a bold smoky eye, flawless foundation and a nude lip! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’am not sure if you have recreated this, I hope this interests you.

  5. You look absolutely stunning in them all V, but I will say I adore the top left with the bright lip! It looks so eye catching ๐Ÿ™‚ Go bold – you reaaaally suit it! Karen xo

    • I love vampy lips too, recently. I did that in my last challenge and it was more successful than I thought it would be

  6. Girl your answer is right in front of you! You have this huge list of ladies who inspire you right here on your blog… do 10 days of makeup inspired by your inspirations!!! My votes are for Julie Newmar and Vivien Leigh!

  7. Hmm… I’d love to see you do another 10 day challenge, but, well, you know me! I think a day by day for each decade would be really cool. โค 1910-2010.

  8. I really loved it when you did that makeup challenge! How about trying a minimal makeup or no makeup makeup look? Or a 5 min or less makeup look? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Great minds think alike! I wanted to do a “no makeup” makeup look because it’s not my usual. Even when I wear subtle, natural makeup, I it still looks like I’m wearing makeup if you look at me.

  9. I think generational looks would be cool. Starting back as far as you want to go…maybe 1930’s and forward. The 80’s would definitely be fun!!

      • You could do 10 different looks with 10 different lashes! Of course, please a dissertation in advance on why you would want to wear lashes ๐Ÿ˜. You can do natural looks, celeb looks, a vamp look, a night out… That might be fun!

      • V – I don’t think you’re reader who prides himself in not following blogs like cattle ๐Ÿ˜’ (I guess I am a cow) realizes how patronized women are by certain people just for wanting to wear makeup. I get a little feisty because I’m so firm in the belief we should all do what makes us happy. I think it’s obvious that’s why we do anything because it makes us happy unless it’s something we have to do and have no choice. So the question, when I’m asked or see it, is always like a back handed insult. I’m fine with people disagreeing about makeup or dying hair or plastic surgery but I get upset when they have to confront it publicly. I looked at his blog and it’s just full of sarcasm and back handed insults and offensive messages which I think are meant to be funny but aren’t. So I don’t think that was an innocent question. His last post talked about why some people just shouldn’t wear yoga pants (not cool). I’m glad to see everyone wear them. Just because someone doesn’t weigh 110 pounds doesn’t mean she’s not beautiful and if she likes yoga pants, ok!! I don’t know I think my hormones are raging this weekend! Lol. 20 years as a female in corporate america in a male dominated industry makes you a bit feisty. Getting even bolder in my old age…. I bought MAC Rebel lipstick tonight!!!!!

      • Fair enough. If it weren’t someone I “knew” I probably would have a much worse reaction. I just don’t want an all out war breaking out.

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