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Nyx Above and Beyond Full Coverage Concealer Review

Happy Tuesday! It’s been a little slow in the blogging world lately, and I haven’t been great at sticking to my posting schedule. As summer winds down, I plan to change that and get back on track with some great autumn posts. For now, I want to talk about a new product that I picked up a few weeks ago: Nyx Above and Beyond Full Coverage Concealer. So what do I think? Keep reading!

nyx above beyond full coverage concealer

Color: First things first, I should mention the color I bought. I went for the lightest shade, porcelain. This is lighter than my skin tone at the moment, but having a concealer that’s a little light is better than one that’s a little dark, plus as my tan fades, it will begin to match my skin more closely. Nyx offers 8 skin tone shade concealers and 3 correcting concealers (lavender to correct sallow skin, green to counteract redness, and yellow to fight dark circles). The flesh toned shades are a pretty good range for most skin tones, but people with very dark skin might be disappointed.

Coverage: Possibly the number 1 thing people want to know when it comes to concealer is how well it actually conceals. This one is full coverage. I haven’t needed so much coverage for my under eye circles lately, so I’ve been able to dip my finger in once and use that amount of concealer for both eyes.

Wear/Creasing: The number 2 thing people want to know, is how well a concealer wears. Testing a concealer in the heat of summer will show you what it’s really made of. Sadly, this was NOT crease-proof. The first time I used this, I had pretty bad creasing within the hour. If you set it with a little powder, it holds up much better. If I set this with powder I can wear it all day with only minor creasing.

Texture: The texture of this is surprisingly light and easy to blend. Nyx made the right choice in terms of texture. This is all you can ask for.

Application: As I said, this is easy to blend. It comes in a tiny pot, so you can apply it with either your finger or a small concealer brush.

Price: $4.99

Cruelty-Free: Of course!

So what do you think? Have you tried this concealer? Will you try this concealer? I think it’s okay, but I might try something different next time I pick up concealer. What do you recommend? Let me know in the comments below!

15 thoughts on “Nyx Above and Beyond Full Coverage Concealer Review

    • Understandable. Since I can make this work with powder, I’m going to try to use it up. Then I’m switching to something else

  1. I really want to try some nyx products, it’s so annoying as they aren’t very easy to get hold of here in the UK.
    My favourite concealer at the moment is the Urban Decay NAKED skin it’s so lovely and gives great coverage!
    Lucie xo

  2. I would probably just purchase this concealer in the green shade for redness concealing when I have a breakout or something. 🙂 I prefer Pro Long Wear from MAC for that . Is more expensive but it’s worth it and it lasts a long time. 🙂 Thanks for this helpful review. 🙂

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