Save or Splurge: Fashion Edition

It’s the last day of August and the unofficial last day of summer looms in sight. But with the beginning of fall comes a new season of fashion and maybe picking up a few new additions for your wardrobe. Since my post about saving or splurging on makeup was so popular, I decided to do another focusing on fashion. This time I wanted to talk about the items I’ll spend a little more money on and the items I’ll never go broke buying. To see what I think, keep reading.

vintage clothes


  • Everything Trendy: Remember a few seasons ago, a lot of young girls were wearing bandeaus under sheer tops? And then crop tops and high waisted shorts came into fashion? Don’t drop tons of cash on items you’re not sure you’ll wear next year. Instead, hit up stores like forever 21 or Plato’s Closet to get the look.
  • T-Shirts: T-shirts should be casual. I don’t know where some designers get off charging $100 per shirt. Trust me when I say that there are exactly 0 events in your life that will require you to wear a $100 t-shirt.
  • Flip-flops: I’m sure I’ll get some disagreement here, but I never spend too much on flip-flops. I’ll spend enough that they won’t break the first time I wear them. To me, flip-flops are good for going to the beach or running errands, but they aren’t the type of shoe you wear to dress up a look or to do anything active that would require a lot of support, so they just aren’t worth a splurge.
  • Exercise Wear: This is another one I’m sure some people will disagree with. Many people are motivated to work out by having cute exercise clothes, and if that’s you, I won’t hold it against you. Do what you have to do to keep you going. Personally, I sweat like a pig when I work out, so I’d rather wear an old t-shirt and athletic shorts than something nice. The one exception to this is the shoes. Getting sneakers that support your feet is always worth doing, especially if your workout involves a lot of cardio.


  • Coat: Even though it’s hard to imagine the cold months coming soon up here in the northern hemisphere, they are right around the corner. A good coat is always a good investment. You want something that will keep you warm and is a bit more on the formal side if need be, like a peacoat. Even if your job doesn’t require very formal office attire, there is sure to be an event like a wedding or job interview or fancy party in which you wish you’ll had a nice coat to throw over your outfit. Plus, a good coat will last you years.
  • Shoes: Shoes are so important. While it’s not always true that the more expensive shoes are better, you’ll want to shop around for shoes that give you adequate support. A well made shoe can save you a lot of back trouble in the future (or a lot of other trouble in the present if you buy good running shoes for exercising).
  • Undergarments: If you’re blessed with a smaller chest, this might not be an issue, but if you’re blessed with an average to larger sized chest, getting the right bra is critical! I often hear women talk about how much they want to throw their bra off at the end of the day and I’m here to tell you that it should not feel like that if you have the right sized bra. Get yourself fitted. Try on bras before you purchase them and make sure there are no bulges or spillage. As your bras get older, adjust the tightness of the straps and band. A lot of people don’t want to spend a lot of money on bras because they get ruined in the wash. Personally, I think it’s better to buy an expensive bra and hand wash it vs continuously buying cheap bras that keep getting ruined in the wash. With the right undergarments, not only will you feel better, but your clothes will look better too. I’m rambling in this section, but in general, every woman should have these three bras: 1) a flesh toned bra that will work under any color shirt. 2) a strapless bra for when you wear something strapless, off the shoulder or halter necked and 3) a va-va voom push-up bra for when you just want to rock your cleavage.
  • Handbag: After rambling in that last section, I’ll make my argument quick. A purse is something you wear multiple times a week and for many of us women, holds our entire life. It’s important to invest in one that will be appropriate for multiple occasions and hold everything you need. You don’t need to go out and buy an MK bag, I got this DSUK bag for a much more reasonable price, but if you’re trying to work out a wardrobe budget, give a little more in the budget for this one.

Some General Principles

  • Things you will wear multiple times a week for multiple years are worth the investment, but don’t get too caught up in the price tag. Even though I don’t feel bad about splurging on these things, you can definitely find good alternatives within your budget. Price doesn’t always equal quality.
  • Think about the use you’ll get out of an item before you wear it. If you see a blouse you think you’ll wear a few times a month all year round for years to come, go ahead and spend a little more on it. On the other hand, if you just want to try the latest trend and don’t foresee the item being in style a year from now, you might want to skip it or find a cheaper alternative.
  • No matter how much you choose to spend, fit is everything. A $5 dress that fits you well is a better choice than a $90 dress that doesn’t and can’t be easily altered.

So what do you think? is there anything you splurge on? Anything you’d never spend too much for? Let me know in the comments below!

23 thoughts on “Save or Splurge: Fashion Edition

  1. I agree with you on your take about undergarments. Having matching garments makes us women feel sexy and we should always spend not only to look good but to feel good as well. I’d rather spend on quality underwear than having to buy so many that I have to replace every after 3 washes.

  2. Regarding exercise wear: I would say “Splurge” IF you’re motivated by quality over trendiness. I’ve done the “save” in that regard because I don’t care if I look cute while I’m sweating it out but when I’ve gone and splurged on a decent sports bra and well-fitting exercise pants it’s made an incredible difference because the fit tends to be better and I can make them last multiple seasons because they are sturdier. Other than that I totally agree! I’m big on sale shopping too, which I know can be really hit or miss, but I love finding items like coats that would normally be a justified splurge for super cheap!

    • That’s a different way of looking at it. I was thinking more from a trendy point of view there. I hadn’t considered sports bras, but all bras are on my splurge list lol

  3. Great post and totally agree! So far I’m only spending a lot on skin care products. Prevention is always better than cure. In fashion, I’m always after the style and quality over price. Sometimes I feel like there are some clothes that people buy cause of the brand. But to be honest it’s up to the person on how she carry her style and make a simple outfit looks classy.

    • Very good point. I tend to splurge on skincare too. I’ve found some mid-price brands that work well, but if I find a better moisturizer that’s more money, I’ll spend it. It’s worth it if your skin still looks fantastic in 20 years, right?

  4. Great post!
    Yes I’m going to disagree on flip flops. I will spend more on flip flops (nothing crazy, around $50) because I want mine to be comfy and not cause blisters or break on me after a couple of wears. 😛
    One thing I just can’t bring myself to splurge are jeans. I’ve had people tell me that once you get designer denim, you can’t go back… but I’m quite happy with my Gap jeans! What are your thoughts on that?

    • Haha, I don’t splurge on jeans either, but I think that’s a personal choice. I guess for people who have a hard time finding the right fit, it’s worth the money. For me, I found that the long legged Diva style from Old Navy fits and looks good

  5. Excellent post. =) I always have gotten my clothes at thrift stores, honestly. Shoes are the only thing I spend much money on, because my feet are so large and wide that it is almost screaming impossible to find fits for them at most places.

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