11 Things That Happen When You’ve Been Blogging Long Enough

Happy September! You know what that means? It means I’ve been blogging precisely 1 year and 8 months. Time flies. Lately, I’ve been reflecting on my experiences so far blogging and even though I’m sure my list will change in a year, I wanted to share my experiences so far. So without further ado, here are the things that happen after you’ve been blogging long enough.

Hello Gorgeous Compact

  1. You Make Friends. Yes, despite whatever your original goals blogging were, after a certain amount of time you find people who you want to follow and connect with, who want to follow and connect with you in turn. Sure it might not be the like the friendships you have outside of blogging, but you comment on each others’ posts and that feels good.
  2. You Lose Friends. Another fact of blogging, blogs don’t last forever. Your favorite blogs might do the gradual fade–posts go from several times a week to once a week to once or twice a month to none. Sad to say that the bloggers I originally started following all that time ago are mostly gone and the ones that remain only post sporadically.
  3. But That’s Okay Because You Make More Friends. As your old friends start to slow down on their blogging, you may find yourself reaching out and connecting with new people.
  4. Your Numbers Rise. You knew you weren’t going to stay at the 3 follower mark forever!
  5. But Then They Start to Plateau.  It’s true that in my second year of blogging, I haven’t gained as many followers as in the first year. The truth is that in the beginning, it’s all growth, but as time goes on, bloggers leave the blogging world and that means you’re losing followers at the same time you’re gaining followers. Hence not as much growth.
  6. You Get Offers to Promote Products. But as I mentioned in this rant (which apparently struck a cord with many of you), not all promotion deals are good.
  7. You Stop Auto Following Everyone Back. Sad, but true fact: there are people who only follow you just to get a follow back. Following them back is just going to clog up your reader.
  8. You Learn About SEO–Whether You Intend to or Not! It was never my intention to learn about SEO. In fact, I’ve never read a single article about it. However, over time, you start to pick up on it intuitively. I wrote about how to get your blog noticed by search engines a few weeks ago.
  9. You Run Out of Ideas. Another one that’s sad but true. Some weeks absolutely nothing comes to mind. Next week, I’m planning on writing a short blog post about what to do when you have writer’s block.
  10. You Do a Challenge or Tag. Seriously, these suckers are great for when you’re out of ideas or when you want your readers to get to know you better.
  11. You Realize that Putting Yourself Out There Feels Good. Last, but not least, many people mention that they were scared when they first started writing their blog that they would get a negative reaction. Luckily, the blogging community is pretty nice and it won’t take long for you to feel good about the decision to blog.

So what things have you learned in your time blogging? Let me know in the comments below!

39 thoughts on “11 Things That Happen When You’ve Been Blogging Long Enough

  1. Great summary – I’m just at my 7th month mark and am already experiencing some of what you talk about. I do find it sad to see bloggers go – I’ve noticed a lot of bloggers have become dormant but maybe it’s just due to the summer months? I’m waiting to see if back to school with bring everyone back online.
    I hear you about stopping to auto following everyone back – I get some weird religious nuts following me and I’m definitely NOT following them back!

  2. Beautiful post V!! Absolutely beautiful and so so true! I was away from my blog for about 4 months and it’s crazy how many bloggers have disappeared since then. It is sad, but I am making new friends! You’re the best! Love the PR post! Totally agree! Have a fabulous day! XOXO

  3. We’ve been blogging the same amount of time, and going through all of these! Best part about it is the making friends I think. I’m meeting up with someone for the first time in person this weekend who I’ve met through blogging – and just chatting online I feel like I’ve known her 10 years! x

  4. I love this post!! You are completely right! Another thing I would add is you get overwhelmed by the amount of blogging awards haha! They make me feel so appreciated, but I have like 10 I am working on haha. Between those an posting other posts, my schedule is shot haha!

  5. I agree with all of these! I definitely learned my lesson in “promoting” brands thanks to your post. Also as much as I would love to follow everyone back, I just can’t keep up with blogs that post 15+ posts a day because it’s a never ending reader feed.

    • Yes! Blogs that regularly post more than 2 per day I’m likely to unfollow. Lately, I haven’t even been following blogs as much as I’ve been following certain tags like “beauty”

  6. This is a great read for a new offer like myself! Thank you for this and for checking out my blog. Can we be blogger friends lol.

    Sarah D

  7. It is…what it is,,, & life goes on & perhaps changes for some people,,, I hear Ya, V,,,, you & Maria, have been really so nice to me & that,,,, well that’s pretty cool & I thank u guys/ young ladies & this is coming from a: ( out-sider )- / ME- so to speak, after all,,,, it was I,,,, that had come to you guys first not the other way around I mean why would u have ever gone to a cross dressers blog to begin with ? lol,,, ITS ALL GOOD !!! So with me,,,, to why I stopped making post on my- blog for a little while is because a loved one in my family had gotten sick & between taken care of her / * My MOM… & worrying about her & mom finely passing away it has taken a great toll on me,,,, not that my blog has ever gotten to be the same type as you & so many of your readers. there has ,,, and is,, still NEW things that have been happening to….. ( Kelly ) that I started to write about on my blog that I just started to share,,,, perhaps ? NOT to the likings of Every one,,, but just the same I,,,, hooked-up my keyboard &,,,, started to type lol so I am starting to write (again) S0 ??? what have I learned by some of this blogging-stuff ? to make sure that it can,, stay-FUN !!!!! & be-REAL,,, real to yourself & the readers that might come on your blog from time to time,,, weather it be only 2- readers or 200 hundred readers,, keep up your blogging V,,,, its NICE that I can come & read some of your post from time to…time & to enjoy & still LEARN Stay well to you!!!!! & all your readers!!!! worxs4kelly on wordpress Kelly 🙂

  8. I would have to agree with everything you said and I’ve been out here in the blogosphere for just 5 months. I’m hoping to keep growing because I love the interaction and I want to share!

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