YOU Tell Me: Why Do You Wear Makeup?

Why do you wear makeup? It’s a question us makeup lovers get asked a lot, sometimes out of sincere curiosity, sometimes out of judgment. Even though we get asked this question a lot, I’m betting the answer will vary from person to person. For me, it’s fun to experiment with different looks, plus it makes me feel a bit more polished when I go to work. I was 21 when I got my first full time job, and as the youngest in the office, I wanted to make myself look a bit more mature. So how about you? Why do you wear makeup? Let me know in the comments below.

58 thoughts on “YOU Tell Me: Why Do You Wear Makeup?

  1. My mom is an artist and while I have no artistic aptitude I really love colors. The drugstore makeup aisle was always my favorite place in the world (especially the lipsticks). So a big part of it is that I’m just so fascinated by and drawn to the color options I love playing around with them. The other side is that I do it as rebellion- I grew up having “you can be smart or you can be pretty and wouldn’t you rather be smart?” drilled into my head by my makeup-eschewing mother. So while I’d secretly sneak into CVS to look at lipstick I thought that I would never be able to wear it because I had chosen to be smart. Then I moved out, went to college, took some women’s studies classes and said “eff it.” I graduated cum laude while wearing some awesome lipstick and I’ve never looked back! So while my primary reason is “the colors” wearing makeup is also a feminist statement against the notion that wearing makeup is vapid.

    • Good for you! We always see that on TV too don’t we? The smart female characters always have that “no makeup” makeup/ I don’t really put much effort into getting ready look

  2. I wear makeup rarely, and it’s almost always as minimal as it can get – BB cream, mascara, eye-liner and lip gloss. I do it to just compliment my best facial features, like good skin, long lashes, beautifully shaped eyes, etc. I also experiment with other kinds of makeup, usually lipsticks and eyeshadows to compliment my outfits, and rarely with concealers and foundations and blushes, because I seriously suck at contouring.

    I’d really like to see your guide at contouring, if you haven’t done one. Your tips are easy to follow for beginners, or suckers in my case. 😀

    • Ahaha, well I don’t really contour, so I’m not sure how helpful my tips would be. I am going to do another makeup challenge and some point and I’ve been thinking of incorporating contouring, since I haven’t yet mastered it.

      • I’d really like to see that. You at least know makeup, and I’m a total rookie so that should make for an interesting challenge.

  3. Ooh fab question V… I;d have to say for a few reasons: It gives me more confidence, I love experimenting with new brands/looks/trends, and honestly because I simply feel I look much better with it than without it. Plus I really enjoy that quiet time in the mornings when I’m applying it – it’s therapeutic in a weird way 🙂 Karen xo

  4. When I wear minimal makeup it’s to cover blemishes and enhance features like my eyes. I think long eyelashes are pretty and contouring makes me looks like I put effort in my looks and not just rolled out of bed without a care.

    When I go with heavier makeup, it’s mostly to make my photos look better. You get really washed out in photographs so you have to compensate with heavier makeup. Sometimes there’s new products and pretty colors I want to try and photograph.

    • That’s so true about the photographs! Any time I go to an event I know will have photography, I put a little extra into my liner or mascara

  5. I barely wear makeup but when I do, it’s because I want to play around with a new look or product, or I just look completely out of it that day and need to pull myself together, haha.
    I normally never wear makeup to school unless it’s just concealer. I don’t feel the need to put on the eyeliner or the mascara everyday just for school lol.

  6. I started because I grew up watching my mom put makeup on and she is so beautiful and feminine –she used to be a model- that I wanted to be just like her. When I was in my teens, I had a different makeup style every week and to me makeup was like art, just a fun way to use colours. Now that I’m in my mid 20’s, just like Jodi up there ^ haha I wear it for me. Because it makes me happy, makes me feel more confident, pretty, put together, professional etc. Also, It’s such a sad reality that in the world we live in, the way you look affects how you are treated. Especially if you live in the city. I live in Toronto and it’s crazy how differently I’m treated if I go out in comfy house clothes + no makeup VS. comfy house clothes but with makeup, that sometimes I’m like 0_o!?!? LOL I also use it because now I’m obsessed with everything about makeup; the different products, the versatility, the packaging you name it haha at this point it’s an addiction.

    • It’s crazy right? Or people will say “you wear too much makeup” if you wear colorful eyeshadow, but if you go out with a full face of natural makeup, no such complaints

  7. Hi V,,,, and hi to all your readers that know of me,,, & to the NEW readers of V,s Blog am known as,,,, Kelly,, its,,, well it is what’s called my Fem name that I use when I dress up,,, I am a Cross dresser & by the way… I am Straight as well. V,,, has been such a lovely young lady that allows me to be,,, here on her Blog from time to time…she is & has *Always treated me so nice,,, & her blog / advice on all things makeup & really what ever she writes has taught me of all this ( FUN ) Makeup stuff,,, I also am still pretty new to all-things,,, MAKEUP,, & so far of what I have bought,,,& started to use on my face,,, I am really seeing some differences of what & how makeup can look,,, to me….I at times feel like a little kid at a candy-store,,, he, he, he, I believe? that not too many of the readers feel like that any more lol…or what I should say is: I believe at a time when you woman were still teen agers & perhaps U might have had a older sister or Aunt/Mom who u use to watch put on there makeup &,,,, u couldn’t,,, wait !!!! until u became old enough to also start to wear your (own) makeup & learn how to apply-it bet u were excided !!!! WELL,,,, believe-it…or not ? that is the,,,,, phase I am at now,,,, as a *NEW Cross dresser. I would have (never) thought that this,,, type of a feeling can really happen but…..well it did lol ok,,, so…onto the makeup: To me,,, It does….& it can enhance the look of a face &,,,, it brings-out a persons beauty say,,, the eyes,,, with the right amount of eye shadow & using eye liner on your water line with maybe? a little mascara it can really make your eyes-pop/stand-out MORE,,,, & this is all good things that im saying,,, & I can keep going on more about the subject of makeup on V,s post but,,,, I think u all know what I mean &,,,, keep on *Enjoying yourselves from with-in FIRST,,,, & then,,, u can add the icing on the cake,,, so to speak,,, ha, ha, ha, Stay well,,, all & thank U V,,,, for your Blog- Kelly*

    • That’s so exciting! I know exactly what you mean too. When I was a little kid, I couldn’t wait until I was old enough to play with makeup. Of course my dad didn’t like it, so most days I kept it pretty natural until I was out on my own in college

  8. I wear makeup because I enjoy it! I love applying it before work and deciding what look to go with that particular day. Coming up with different product and colour combinations and being creative also helps to learn what you like and what works for you.

  9. I wear makeup for me! Makes me feel confident and put together. Also, playing with makeup is such a different outlet than my every day job!

  10. For work, I would like to look polished, professional and elegant with well applied makeup. For fun, I want to experience with different looks and also look polished, well groomed!
    Both ways give me more confidence than ever x

  11. I wear makeup because I find it so enjoyable and relaxing to apply! I also love to conceal my little imperfections and experiment with different lip colours. But best of all, I love putting makeup on other people and seeing their reactions 🙂 xx

  12. I wear makeup to cover small imperfections and to enhance my features. When you look good you feel good, so I like my outside to match the inside. And then when I think I look pretty I feel more confident, so the cycle of positivity continues!

  13. Makeup is my creative outlet first and foremost. Sitting at my vanity is my zen time and it helps me relax. I just feel so much more polished when I wear it. I have a baby face and I look 12 without makeup, so it makes me feel more mature.

      • Haha we live in a teeny apartment with a really small bathroom so I actually just turned my desk into a vanity. Plus the bathroom walls are yellow and it threw off everything when I was trying to get ready. I would love a real vanity one day but for now and with the space we have it works well.

      • That’s a good compromise. Space is always an issue…I don’t have room for one at the moment either, but I have to say, that doesn’t mean I don’t want one.

  14. I wear makeup because it’s fun. I don’t think I look awful without makeup but I will admit that being enhanced is a nice feeling. Idk it’s really fun seeing how much better your skills have gotten with each application. Or how amazing you can make your eye shadow. Its one of those fun “I love being a girl” moments.


  15. I wear makeup as often as I don’t. I simply like to change things up and with makeup, I enjoy creating different looks and experimenting with colors and products. It’s artistic to me. But I’m out all weekend, except Saturday night if I go out, with zero makeup on. Nothing!

  16. Makeup is to even out my skin tone and to make me feel confident. Although I don’t wear it often, when I do it makes me feel almost invincible! X

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