Save or Splurge? Clothing

Happy Thursday, loves! I wrote a few of these posts a while ago (one about makeup and the other about clothing) but it’s never too late for an update! One thing I wanted to mention before diving into this post: it’s all relative. $50 for a dress might be thrifty for some people or very expensive for others. This is just my opinion about what items I would allocate a little more of the budget to. So without further ado:

Picture 28

Save: Trendy Items

So confession, I love current trends. I love chokers, off the shoulder tops, cold-shoulders, vaguely 90s fashion. I have been waiting years for these things to come back in fashion. I will probably rock them long after they have gone out of style again. But other trends? Not so sure I will be wearing them year after year. The best bet is to hit up stores like Forever21 for cute styles at cute prices.

Splurge: Shoes

It’s not all about looks! Good footwear is key for comfort and well worth the investment. I would gladly spend a little more on footwear that will allow me to walk around all day without sore feet.

Save: Dresses You Wear Only Once

Boy, oh boy, does this one hurt. If I have one weakness, it is splurging on pretty dresses that I’ll only wear once. There are a few alternatives for this one. You can buy one classic little black dress that you can wear multiple times to multiple events. You can check out Rent the Runway and get deep discounts for renting instead of buying (use my promo link for $30 off! But this goes back to “saving” meaning different things to different people. With rentals starting at $30 and additional fees of $15, RTR, might not be saving money for a lot of people. Which is why we should always also consider department store sales racks.

Splurge: A Good Winter Coat

You’ll wear it every day for months (depending on where you live at least). Get something you love and something that will keep you warm!

Spring Favorites

Bonus Splurge: A Purse

Never have I ever bought anything designer. But if I were to ever buy anything designer, I would have to splurge on a purse. I’m not sure if I’m alone in thinking that a nice purse projects an image of success. Well, maybe I am alone, but since my most expensive purse cost well under $100, take my advice with a grain of salt.

So that’s it! Agree? Disagree? Let me know what clothing items you are more willing to spend a little extra on.

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