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How To: Successfully Run a Beauty Blog

Friends, Roman, countrymen, lend me your ears! Okay, so maybe I shouldn’t write this. Although I have a lot of followers (and I love you all!) I don’t have the most successful blog out there by any means. But after reading Gold Glitter Diaries post on what makes a successful blog, I was inspired to make my own post about what it means to run a successful beauty blog.


  • Work on Aesthetics: The visual is important. Yes, we find blogs a lot of times through our WordPress readers and don’t always get to see the layout. But, a lot of people actually find our blogs through Google and a good layout gives those visitors reason to come back.
  • Create Original Content: Yes, I love a good reblog every once in a while. But if you want people to continue coming back to your blog, creating your own posts is key. The majority of your blog should be posts that you yourself have created.
  • Post Your Own Photos: Unlike I did for this blog post (oops!) Okay, clearly I don’t do this for every post, but I think it’s important to use your own photos when you are reviewing a product. Personally, when I search for a product, the #1 thing I’m looking for are swatches. I’ve already seen the company’s picture of the product. What I want to see is the picture of the product on a real live human being.
  • …Or, at the Very Least, Don’t Use Copyrighted Images: This one is close to my heart. Everything you produce has an implied copyright. That means that unless the person who took the picture says it’s okay to use, you need to look elsewhere for images. I find all images that I don’t take myself from Wikicommons (including the image above) and I make sure the abide by the guidelines set by the owner of the images.
  • Tag Properly: One of the best lessons I’ve learned as a blogger. When I started, if I posted about a lipstick, I would tag it “lipstick.” Now that I’ve been blogging for a bit, I’ve realized that people rarely search for just “lipstick.” A better way to get that content noticed is to tag it “lipstick,” “makeup,” “beauty,” and other relevant tags. Just think about what you search for when you search specific tags on wordpress.
  • Respond to Comments: I try to respond to all your comments, honestly! I’m glad when you visit my site and we can have a conversation.
  • Search for Blogs With Similar Interests: A lot of people find me because I found them first. I read a ton of beauty blogs, and I “like” every post that I enjoy reading, which is quite a few of them.

So these are my top tips. Like I’ve said, I’m not an expert by any means so I would love to hear what YOUR top tips are in the comments below.

94 thoughts on “How To: Successfully Run a Beauty Blog

  1. hmm? how to respond… V, now I,m jus a cross dresser / guy that wants to learn all things girly, all phases of make up the how to,s & everything else in between & 1, of the reasons that ( I ) hav wanted to stayed on (YOUR)-Blog is because the lay-out of what U say to (us ) …the *readers,, So yes even tho I….as a cross dresser will have a different type of a make-up & speaking of makeup for cross dressers this too I am still learning about I have (never) wore any type of make up in my life So between learning of course from blogs that cater more for cross dressers & to coming on to whats called a G.G. site it helps us t-girls out when also learning from a G.G. Woman a (real) 1…& that’s were U & your blog can also HELP me out!!! & this I am Happy about so…V, Keep doin what your doin….because U hav this (GIRL) Kelly really happy in learning of what U do *BEST teaching & showing us…(your) readers of all things Girly/Makeup/ beauty tips & I also hav a very *Strong feeling that all the rest of your readers feel the same as what i feel even more so because there…well, ? lol born as real woman Kelly,,

    • Awww Kelly, every day your comments make me so happy 🙂 I hope when you make the full transition (hair, nails, makeup, dress, everything) you share your look with us

      • V, Yes i sure will, I cant wait !!!!! for when I go for my make over I do have certain looks & style that I think would be best for Kelly to first start out. her style would consist of: pants/leggings a Capri it will be some sort of pants for her until she gets used to dressing to say a dress/skirt that can come at another time for a few reasons for now as far as shaving,, I,ll jus go as far as a little past my calf & my top (chest) again jus as far if I decided to maybe wear a V neck blouse. oops (sorry ) here I,m writing in so much detail lol So when i make the appointment for a (make over ) the woman who does it she knows all the tricks of the trade for cross dressers & pictures & notes… I will be with pad&pencil to write down (everything) what type of wig would look best (real) & not fake looking my skin tone type?? that I don’t know now? but I,ll soon learn more…I am S00000 excited yippy !!!! lol Kelly will soon start to look like a real woman & not jus be in my mind & thoughts she,ll be FREE!!! oh, yes,,, heels but a small heel perhaps a wedge style heel until she gets use to wearing heels lol oh, no…i did it again (sorry) V 😦 I kept writing lol ok I,ll stop typing pictures soon V, I,ll send jus as soon as i can thank u thank u, thank u !!!! I am soooo HAPPY

    • It’s super easy if you go for a site. There are layouts that you can choose from and customize. You can also use to build your own website, but I believe that requires more skill with computer codes.

    • Yes, very true. Especially if I stumble on to a blog that hasn’t posted in a few months, I think, what’s the point of following?

  2. Great post 🙂 I’m obsessed with blog aesthetics, even with all the photographs that I take. I just think it’s just as important as great content to have clear and good quality photographs.

    Another tip I have is utilizing social media! Let others people find you through different platforms!

  3. Really enjoyed reading your tips. I only just started my blog a week or two ago but been on Instagram for a year now and liking and commenting on other peoples pictures really works. That way you discover so many talented people who have the same interests as you (mainly nailart in my case lol but love to read about make -up and all kind of beauty stuff too)

  4. Hi, V. I’m getting ready to post a drugstore tag that I’m tagging you in. Feel free to share your loves or not if you’re blog schedule is too busy. I think it would be fun to read what your drug store holy grails are. Thanks!

  5. Great post! Especially the part about creating own content and using own images is so important I’ve noticed! There’s a saying “Go the extra mile, it’s never crowded” and I feel like this is so true when it comes to curating a blog 🙂

  6. Love this. I am trying to get more into blogging, I don’t post on my page as much as I want but I reply to every comment and take time out to make sure I visit my followers page and give them the support they give me. I also always post my own pictures. . .i think it’s important to let those who follow you see you so that they get to know you better and feel more connected.

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  8. This was really helpful. As a new beauty blogger and a new blogger in general, it’s nice to know these things. I always try to use my own photo’s and do swatches of the beauty products because those are things I like to see on other blogs.

  9. Really funny….I found your blog because you found me first! I love this post and your tips are bang on! Will absolutely be back to check out more of your beauty posts! xoxo Whisky and Champagne

  10. Mine is not among the top ones too, but you’ve said everything right!!! 🙂 I think it also comes from my own passion to share and that’s how you create your own post! 🙂
    Great blog by the way! Have a lovely night! xxx

  11. Hi! This post of yours is a really big help for me especially now that i’m starting my own blog. 🙂 thank you for reading one of my posts the other day 🙂

  12. I think these are all great tips and things I strive for in my own blog. I can’t believe I just came across this post by you, though! I must not have been following you yet when this came up. I’m curious: do you subscribe to WordPress services for hosting? I’m about halfway through my image storage limit and am considering paying for more and setting up a personalized domain. What do you think?

    • I’m just on normal wordpress right now. How do you see how much space you’ve used up? I’ve heard that if you’re going through a lot of space quickly to save your photos at a lower resolution before uploading them. It looks the same, but takes up less space. As far as self-hosting, I definitely see a benefit to getting your own personalized domain if you plan to monetize your blog.

      • When I upload pictures onto WordPress the first screen that comes up shows the percentage of space I’ve used. Free accounts get 2GB of storage and I’ve already used 1GB!

  13. Thank you for liking my Birchbox post . . .. only 5 posts in to my brand new blog so this one of yours and the ‘How to : successfully . ..’ had some great tips that I will definitely take on board!

  14. Omg… I must say I am really inspired. So few minutes ago you like a post of mine on “makeup” and I thought “wow”. I looked through your posts and they are absolutely jaw dropping. Its so amazing to find someone with such inner passion. Before your “like”, I was considering deleting my blog coz I wasn’t getting many/any view and comments. But reading this post, I’m inspired to move on.

    Thanks V!!!!

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