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I’m Calling a Cease and Desist on Overdrawn Lips

Love her or hate her, it’s hard to deny that Kylie Jenner made a big splash in the beauty world this year. Amid plastic surgery rumors and even accusations that the teen photoshopped her instagram, Kylie rocked the lipliner industry’s world, when she claimed her suddenly Angelina Jolie lips were the work of makeup. Google Kylie Jenner lips and you will be flooded with blogger tutorials on how to achieve a fuller pout. I think I should stop right here to clarify that I am all for self-expression and doing your makeup how you want. What I dislike is the media constantly telling us that bigger is better (except when it comes to our waistlines). No matter how many celebrities get fillers or how many tutorials concentrate on fuller lips, I think it’s time we question this assumption. Take a look atΒ Kylie herself and you be the judge. (PS- searching through this girl’s instagram is a nightmare. It froze my computer multiple times just trying to get to a non filled in lip)

kylie jenner full lips

Recent picture of Kylie

kylie jenner lip liner

Kylie Jenner’s less dramatic filled in lips, April of 2014

kylie jenner natural lips

Natural lips in October of 2013

Reasons to Stop Overdrawing Your Lips

  • It’s really going to look whack when it starts to wear off
  • Do you really need another step in your morning makeup routine?
  • Soon there will be websites dedicated to whether or not you’ve had plastic surgery
  • And then they’re going to try to dissect what lipliner you use

But hey, this is only one humble opinion and if you still want to overdraw your lips, more power to you. But I think when everyone says something’s cool/attractive/trendy, you should really step back and decide if you want to do it yourself.

So what do you think of this overdrawn lip trend? Are you like me and hoping it will go away already? Or are you totally rocking it? Are you mad at me for posting a Kardashian related article? Let me know in the comments below!

115 thoughts on “I’m Calling a Cease and Desist on Overdrawn Lips

  1. i fully agree with you. just because she does it doesn’t mean you have to overdraw your lips too ( even if they look terribly). But yeah if people love it than keep doing what you’re doing….

  2. I’m rocking it a few days of the week! But just by a little bit. πŸ™‚ And no, no one has asked me if I’ve had plastic surgery or injections, and no websites exist re: my lips, haha.

  3. I don’t know where im at with it. I mean it would look weird if someone’s overdrawn their lips and their standing right in front of me because it can look obvious but some people can pull it of though.

    • I definitely think people can pull it off–and Kylie is one of those people. I’m just tired of being told that big lips are so pretty when a lot of people look equally good or better with their natural lips.

  4. When I was about 15, I had my makeup done by a professional who used a LIPLINER on me. This was of course the style in the 90’s… the terrible brownish shades, crazy lipliners etc… but that one incident with a lipliner put me off of them for the next 15 years πŸ˜€ Thought they were -horrible- and useless – and that I ended up looking like a blowup doll if I tried to use a lipliner… :S Last year I bought one, a red one and I have been very careful to line my lips just where my own lips are, or actually even a bit smaller… so this trend is a NO from me. But, to each their own.

    • 90s lipliner was something else, haha. I think lipliners are fabulous for bright colors though. I can never draw my mouth in even with a tube of lipstick.

  5. this is what I feel everytime there’s a “highlight & contour like Kim Kardashian” post/vid. I love makeup, but on some celebs I just want to wipe it off. on the subject of lips I have to say at least these kids use the same color all over I remember with horror the days when people used a lip liner many shades darker than the lip color.

    • OMG, yesss. I remember that. The super dark liner with the pale, frosty pink lipstick was my favorite. Although, honestly pale frosty pink lipstick is hard to pull off regardless.

      • Oh LAWD don’t get me started. I actually saw a woman do this (dark lip liner & pale nude lipstick) just last week at the NYE party I was at. She was a total hot mess and my friends & I couldn’t stop staring at her.

      • Besides the lips she had way overbleached hair, bad orange self tan and…. yeah…. HOT MESS. She looked like she belonged on a cougar version of Jersey Shore or something.

      • …eek! I hate to make fun of people’s style because I think you should dress however makes you feel good, but yeah…that sounds disastrous

      • I agree. I’m normally not one to judge, but this lady was a total walking disaster and a friend of mine noticed her first and pointed her out to me.

  6. I’m not about over doing anything although what she did looks good and is a good idea but as you said it will wear off and it will be difficult to keep it like this all day. πŸ™‚ Less is more! πŸ˜‰

    • That’s how I feel. I don’t want to criticize her, because she does look good with fuller lips. I’m just trying to point out that she’s a pretty girl no matter how she does her lips, so I’m sick of the media always telling us that full lips are so great.

  7. Urgh can you imagine overdrawing your lips every day??? I get that maybe you wanna look a little bit, dare I say it, sexy sometimes and a pouty lip is always nice if you naturally have teeny tiny lips like me but overdrawing them to the point where you look like a completely different person is a bit silly in my eyes!

  8. I so agree with you- she definitely looks better without the overdone lips. It’s just too much. She went from a cute teeny look to way too dramatic. That’s definitely not a fun, flirty day look at all. You’re the best!! Have a fabulous Wednesday!! XOXO

  9. hahahahaha! I think she looked the best in the natural lips picture. Picture 2 is okay (maybe a little under-dressed for the full-face of makeup), but that first picture? I thought “duck mouth” had finally died out with the death of MySpace. The girl needs an intervention.

      • yeah, it just saddens me a little. Isn’t she just 17? Too much pressure to be some perceived version of “perfection” or “sexiness.”

        At 17, Angelina Jolie still looked like a teenager.

        But hey, I’m old. What do I know? πŸ™‚ Great blog as always!

      • Haha, I’m old too. Maybe if camera phones and instagram were a thing when I was 17, I might have been the same way. I won’t judge.

  10. In that top photo it actually looks like her lip is overdrawn rather than plumped with something. It’s so odd because a lot of other photos it looks like lip. I wonder if it’s the lighting.

    • I honestly have no idea. I personally have a tough time believing that she could enhance her lips that much with lipliner alone, but that’s none of my business.

  11. YES! I totally agree with you; I’ve always wondered what Kylie does when she eats, that lipstick on her skin is not going to last very long. It’s just weird. And when she talks, it looks like her face isn’t moving because she has something drawn on her face. You’re right about the media glorifying “bigger is better.” It makes a lot of girls feel self-conscious about how they look and drives them to make drastic changes. It’s sad that nowadays people can’t be content with their natural beauty and learning how to emphasize that beauty through makeup. Great post!

  12. Great post! I think it looks good on her but personally I would never do it myself because you would constantly have to top it up and you would also have to do it everyday otherwise you would look weird if one day you had huge lips then the next they were normal – I don’t know, I just could’t be bothered to be honest πŸ™‚ xx

  13. I’ve never really understood the overdrawn lip trend. I don’t think it looks that great. I think natural looking lips look the best. While yes, you are free to do your makeup how you want to and it’s a form of self-expression but then again I feel like makeup is also used for enhancing your natural beauty not changing it.

  14. I personally think that overdrawn lips would be too time consuming for me. I’m good with just some plain ol’ lip gloss!

    I don’t care either way if other girls want to overdraw their lips, but I just worry about what the media will do with it. Since Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, and other celebrities have been confident in being curvy (which is awesome and a powerful thing), the media spins this into “all women should be outrageously curvy.” I worry that this overdrawn lip trend will turn into, “all women look beautiful with full lips,” and create yet another way for women to feel bad about themselves.

    I say, rock what you got and be proud of it. πŸ™‚

    • Yes, you hit the nail on the head. Just like the early 2000s when JLo embraced her big booty and suddenly the media was telling everyone just how attractive big butts are. There are so many different ways people can be attractive

    • I agree with this post. So many replies to this have been terribly negative, saying natural is the best look, and in my opinion that’s just as bad… you’re still saying everyone should go for a specific look. =P People can be so beautiful in so many different ways, and come in all shapes and sizes, and the media as a whole needs to embrace all different kinds of beauty rather than one particular style/shape/face/etc.

  15. Great post V that brings a lot to mind. I for one cannot master this look even if I wanted too, but I see some girls wear them well but most of time with extreme eye makeup. So no this isn’t the best look for everyday wear and is a case by case scenario, but a great food for thought so thanks for bringing this up! I just noticed the same thing on her IG that there’s not one without a pouted selfie! Lol~ πŸ™‚ xo~ Lena

  16. I agree with you 100%. I don’t understand why people want to look like they are having an allergic reaction to something they ate. I’m all for the natural look.

    • LOL, last year I had a semi bad accident and my lips swelled up. On one hand, I was like, yes I finally have full lips and on the other hand I was like, I look like I got punched in the face. I completely understand your perspective.

  17. You’re definitely right about the fact that she made quite the stir in the beauty world as of late. I can’t count the number of tutorials that have come out on her now iconic look!

  18. Honestly, she looked fresher before. Her pre-drawn lips made her face much more memorable. These overdrawn lips feel like she’s trying to associate her image too closely with Kim’s.

    • She does look very much like Kim as of late. But I think it must suck to be her, because I’ve seen commenters on multiple articles say she’s the ugliest Kardashian, etc. and that can’t be good for a girl’s self-esteem, especially at her age

      • That’s so sad to hear. 😦 I’ve always thought, “Wow, that’s one good-looking clan.” Even in the earlier seasons of KUWTK, Kendall and Kylie both looked soo cute.

  19. I won’t say I hated it but Kylie Jenner Rocked it, she really did. She showed all of us that having fuller lips can be done without plastic surgery but at the same time I feel like when it wears off It would look like a total mess.

  20. I mean if it makes her happy…good for her. I think she is so much more beautiful with her natural lips. Embrace your natural features, and only use makeup as an enhancement. But hey thats just my opinion! Great post πŸ™‚

  21. I can’t stand lipliner A. it drys out my lips and B. Once your lipstick wears off your left with clown lips. I just sport a lip gloss and be done with it. Kind of goes with all the lips products that have 18 to 24 hour wear like really whos wearing makeup for that long? But hey if you love it then more power to you. I was also loving eye brow pencil and till I fell in love with Gimme Brow gel by Benefit. My brows look natural and Thats the look I go for now a days.

  22. I do not actually know what I think…When the whole Kylie lips thing started I was like whats the big deal…just lips right?! But haha I was so wrong because literally SO many girls started over drawing and there was so much emphasis on lips and how they have to always be full! I guess if people wanna then its all cool though it can also really confuse people between do they actually want to do it or do they feel like they HAVE to do it, in order to look more pretty or beautiful

  23. Reblogged this on FASHION & BEAUTY and commented:
    The ultimate question on everyone’s LIPS. Has Kylie Jenner had plastic surgery or not? At 17, I can’t imagine that Bruce and Kris Jenner would be all too happy to hear that their daughter was thinking of getting plastic surgery. On her face.
    The flawless teen far from needs anything to change her face, she is young and beautiful and the envy of women all over the world. Everything about Kylie Jenner screams perfection, her hair, her physique, her nails. And she gets to drive round in a Bentley, while the rest of us can barely afford to live.

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  25. I enjoy overdrawing my lips. =/

    When I first got into makeup when I was 12, I loved the cupid bow lips of the ’20s and the traditional geisha makeup (yes, this does mean that I whited out my face something terrible, I always looked like a ghost), so I made my lips TINIER than they actually were.

    Now that I’m past that stage, I still love changing my lip shape slightly, so I like to overdraw my lips. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, people should be able to do makeup how they want, it’s all about making you feel good anyway.

    • I pretty much agree with that. I just feel with how popular this trend is, women feel obligated to do this. Almost all the Youtube beauty gurus do it. it’s like filling in your eyebrows now. People latch on to it without thinking about whether they really like the trend or if it really suits them.

      • I can understand that, but really, how many women actually embrace their own personal style rather than just what’s new and fashionable? I can see your point, because I hate the idea of there being a single ideal of beauty we should all strive for and cram ourselves into… but on the other hand, it all just looks like “monkey see, monkey do”. And not just with this trend, but with every new and popular thing.

      • And I don’t think that’s a bad thing, either. Sometimes it can be fun to try out something new that other people are doing. But I just think that you should normally do what you personally like! (Btw, awesome inspiration gallery, I share a similar one on my computer =) )

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  27. Thank you! There are so many “famous” youtubers and beauty bloggers that are looking ridiculous. The rest of their makeup typically looks pretty good. Then they have these Jessica Rabbit or sex doll lips. They don’t look remotely natural. Most of the times you can see they are so far from the lip line. I will never understand it. Do they have no friends to tell them it looks horrible. Maybe a little outside the lines I could understand. I get creeped out by them they don’t even look human. I think they look gross. I hope they don’t go outside looking like that.

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