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Makeup Challenge Day 1: Red Lips

Happy Monday, folks. These past few weeks have been a little slow with my moving to another state, so I wanted to make it up to you. I’ve been working on a makeup project and will posting every week day for the next two weeks! The project is inspired by blogger Emily Loke, who created this 10 Day Makeup Challenge. Every day, I will create a makeup look based around a specific feature. You might notice a few common themes throughout the next few weeks: my selfie game is not strong, I like bronzer, and this spray tan fades so fast that it’s impossible to find a foundation to keep up with it (so I don’t even try). Today’s challenge was to create a look based on a red lip.

Challenge Red Lips

Red lipstick is classic. I think old school Hollywood glam when I think red lipstick, which is exactly why I wanted to switch it up by not doing that look. Red lipstick dresses everything up, which is why I think it’s perfect to pair with effortless hair and fashion for the ultimate cool girl chic.

Challenge Red Lipstick Smile

In my own collection, I really dig deeper blue reds, but I thought something a bit more orange would be summery and fun for this look. Since I don’t own an orange based red lipstick, I decided to mix together two favorites: Nars Cruella, which is a gorgeous blue tone, and Wet n Wild’s Pretty Persimmon, which is basically orange, but a red-orange. It’s a little cliche, but I paired it with classic winged liner.

Challenge Red Lipstick

Products Used:

I hope you enjoyed! Check back tomorrow, for Day 2 of the challenge, my take on gilded lids.

Now that I’ve finished the challenge, have a look at my other looks!

Picture 12

  1. Red Lips
  2. Gilded Lids
  3. Glowing Skin
  4. One Eyeshadow
  5. Retro Liner
  6. Vampy Lips
  7. Smoked Liner
  8. Touch of Purple
  9. Shimmer and Sparkle
  10. Sweet Cheeks

55 thoughts on “Makeup Challenge Day 1: Red Lips

  1. The red looks great! It really is a good color to dress up an outfit. I’ve only started wearing red recently.

    • Yes, I bought it because I wasn’t sure if the shade would work on me and wanted to try it for cheap. I’m glad I did πŸ™‚

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